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The Clover Tower (クローバータワー Kurōbā Tawā?) or Tokyo Clover Tower (東京クローバータワー Tōkyō Kurōbā Tawā?) is the first location featured in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure. It is the place where Aida Mana and her classmates go to during school's orientation program.DDPC01


The Tokyo Clover Tower is the tallest radio tower, spanning 999 metres in height. It consists of a huge mall with plants and greenery surrounding the outside of the base and an aquarium. The tower features a viewing platform at the top of the tower that is accessible via a lift. The young idol Kenzaki Makoto, referred to as "MakoPi" by Mana, makes her first appearance in the tower. There are also security cameras overseeing where visitors are going inside this place.

The Accessory Stand

Mana in front of the shop.

Mana stumbles upon an accessory stand filled with a wide variety of items, mainly intricate figurines, bracelets, picture frames and mirrors. She comes across an item, with a similar appearance to the hair clip Makoto was wearing, called the Cure Loveads, and is presented as a small gift from the stand ownerDDPC01.


  • The Tokyo Clover Tower resembles the actual Tokyo Skytree Tower.
  • On top of the Tokyo Clover Tower, the clover contains the colour themes of the four main Pretty Cures.
  • As on a part of the first episode, Alice was staying in a line and than a person comes telling her that the owner of the tower shoudn't be standing in the line to enter the building which means that Alice owned the tower.
  • This place makes the debut of three characters in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure which are Joe, also known as the shopkeeper of Cure Loveads in the tower, Michiko, a little girl who got lost in the tower and also the young idol, Kenzaki Makoto.
    • Both Mana and later Alice receive their transformation Cure Loveads at the tower; Rikka does not receive hers until Joe arrives in Oogai Town.


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