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Cobraja (コブラージャ Koburāja?) is one of the Desert Apostles in Heartcatch Pretty Cure!.


Cobraja has long wavy navy blue hair and blue eyes. He normally wears a white jacket with blue triangular patterned broiders at both bottom sides. He wears a blackish blue shirt, yellow belt, grayish blue tight pants, and tall black boots.


Cobraja is conceited and narcissistic, always believing that he is the most glamorous man in the universe. He often makes the Snackey take pictures of him posing, or have them give him their attention. He has a habit of inserting English or French vocabulary into his sentences.


His Past

In the first chapter of the Heartcatch Pretty Cure! Novel, it is revealed that Sabaku created Cobraja by using the genes of a cobra and the wilted Heart Flower of a fashion coordinator. He abused models who weren't as beautiful as he was and fought with designers who refused to produce clothes that were to his liking. Eventually, he was cast out from the fashion world.

Meeting the Pretty Cure

Cobraja first appears after Kumojaki retreats from a fight against the Cures, where he insults Kumojaki for losing to the girls. Although Kumojaki tells him to leave, Cobraja is given permission to fight against the Cures, and goes to Kibougahana in order to find the girls. However, he stops his original duties to have the Snackeys take pictures of him in front of a giant poster. He soon finds a flower bouquet in front of the new Miura Ramen shop and starts posing before it, where he also notices Miura Akira, whose Heart Flower has completely withered, and steals his Heart Flower, which turns him into a Desertrian.

When the Cures appear, he throws a picture with his signature on it to them while presenting himself. While watching the Desertrian fight the Cures, Cobraja insults the origin of Akira's Heart Flower wilting. This angers Cure Blossom but Cobraja doesn't listen to her. After the Desertrian is purified with Floral Power Fortissimo, he bids the Cures farewell.HPC05


While the Cures make their way to Kaoruko, Kumojaki and Cobraja challenge them to a final battle. Cure Marine and Cure Sunshine accept the challenge, leaving Cure Moonlight and Cure Blossom to rescue Kaoruko. Cobraja chooses Cure Sunshine as his opponent as he deems her as the most beautiful Cure on the battle field.

He dodges her attacks again and again, even destroying her shield by making his cards explode upon touching it. Just as he prepares to defeat her, Potpourri protects her with his own shield, and tells Cobraja that Cure Sunshine is the most beautiful person due to how she wants to protect everyone's hearts and smile. Cure Sunshine and Potpourri combine their shields to deflect Cobraja's attacks and then use Sunshine Beam together to overpower Cobraja. Cure Sunshine then purifies him with Gold Forte Burst.

New Life

In episode 49, Cobraja and Kumojaki wake up with no memory as Desert Apostles. In his new life, he starts becoming a fashion designer.


Cobraja: His name might be a reference to the snake cobra, and possibly a fusion with the cobra genus' name naja.

Cobraja's name is confusing at times; in official cards with roman letters, his name is spelled as Cobraja, but when he gives Pretty Cure a picture of him with his signature, the name vaguely says "Kobraj" instead.HPC05


  • He is the one of the three generals to use projectiles as his weapons.
  • Despite their vastly different personalities and values, Cobraja and Kumojaki seem to be good friends.
  • Cobraja is the only apostle to use the Snackeys more for personal business than he does for fighting.
  • Cobraja is the first villain to attack using cards, followed by Joker from Smile Pretty Cure!.
  • He shares his voice actor with Phantom, another villain from Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!.
  • His Heart Flower is the Japanese rose, which means "beautiful sadness". This implies that he seems to have been struggling with sadness of prolonged negligence and isolation underneath his narcissistic exterior.


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