Singer(s) Writer Composer Arranger Time Appears in
Kudou Mayu
Ikeda Aya
Tadano Natsumi
Oishi Kenichiro
Oishi Kenichiro
04:30 Pretty Cure All Stars DX: 3D Theatre
Pretty Cure Movie Theme Song Collection 2

Come on! Pretty Cure All Stars (Come on!プリキュアオールスターズ?) is a song from Pretty Cure All Stars DX: 3D Theatre.


(Come on!)
WE GOT THE POWER! Purikyua・Ōru Sutāzu

Kimi ga pinchi no toki wa sekaijū kara nakama ga
Kaketsukeru yo wasurenai de ite
Me to me, uinku hitotsu ni kimochi ippai komeyou
Mitsume atteru jikan datte oshiku nacchau nda

(Ready Steady Go!)
Mada tomaranai! (Fly away!)
Nando mo kimeru kakugo (Kokoro wa) ima wo koeru
Mae no meri demo sakibashiri demo
Te to te wo kunde issho ni susumou (Come on!)

Hāto ni min'na motteru kirakkira na hoshi
Dareka no sumairu wo terasu hikari ni natteru (Come on!)
Chotto zutsu chigatteta, tokuina koto no
Tashizan de saikyō no chīmu ga umareteru min'na! Iku yo!

Omochabako no yume wo genjitsu ni suru tame ni
Mahō ja nai yuki wo totte iku
Kyō mo aete ureshī! Zenryoku wo sasageyou
Ataerarete bakari nante, iya dato omotta nda

(Ready Steady Go!)
Tachitsukusu toki (Fly away!)
Watashitachi wo someta (Shizuku wa) sora no namida
Sotsugyō nante mada dekinai yo
Manzoku to yoberu niwa chīsakute (Come on!)

Hāto no bīto, onpu ga tamashī ni aru
Hitotsu no ki ga nukete mo uta ni naranai yo (Come on!)
Ī desho? Minna zenbu wo hibikasetai
Iesutadei wo,
Ashita ni kakeru mirai made tsurete iku yo

WE GOT THE POWER! Purikyua・Ōru Sutāzu

Hāto ni min'na motteru nemuranai hoshi
Yumemiru yūki to chikara ga Purikyua nanda ne (Come on!)
Gyutto te wo tsunaide katachi ni shiyou
Shinjiau shunkan no mugen eien ni wasurenai yo

Min'na to Purikyua no pawā wo Purikyua・Ōru Sutāzu!

(Come on!)
WE GOTTA POWER!プリキュア・オールスターズ

きみがピンチの時は 世界中から仲間が
眼と眼、 ウインクひとつに 気持ちいっぱいこめよう
見つめあってる時間だって 惜しくなっちゃうんだ

(Ready Steady Go!)
まだ止まらない! (Fly away!)
何度も決める覚悟 (心は)今を超える
前のめりでも 先ばしりでも
手と手を組んで一緒に進もう(Come on!)

ハートにみんな待ってる きらっきらな星
誰かのスマイルを照らす 光になってる(Come on!)
足し算で最強のチームが生まれてる みんな!行くよ!

おもちゃ箱の夢を 現実にするために
与えられてばかりなんて、 いやだと思ったんだ

(Ready Steady Go!)
立ちつくす時(Fly away!)
卒業なんて まだできないよ
満足と呼べるには小さくて(Come on!)

ハートのビート、 音符が魂にある
ひとつのキィがぬけても 歌にならないよ(Come on!)
いいでしょ?みんな全部を 響かせたい
明日にかける未来まで つれて行くよ

WE GOTTA POWER!プリキュア・オールスターズ

ハートにみんな待ってる 眠らない星
夢見る勇気とチカラが プリキュアなんだね(Come on!!)
ぎゅっと手をつないで かたちにしよう
信じあう瞬間の無限 永遠に忘れないよ


(Come on!)
WE GOT THE POWER! Pretty Cure All Stars

When you are in a pinch, now is the time to call on your friends
From around the world they come running
Our eyes meet, giving each other a wink as our feelings fill us up
All of us look toward the clock, we will have no regrets

(Ready Steady Go!)
We will never stop! (Fly away!)
After deciding many times to be prepared (Our hearts) We will now succeed
Though we sometimes get ahead of ourselves
Hand in hand, together we will push forward (Come on!)

Everyone’s heart is shining like a star
Our smiles are illuminating (Come on!)
As little by little we use our different skills to protect those things that matter
Everyone was born to become a great addition to the team! Let’s go!

Make the dreams within the toy box a reality
For magic alone cannot create courage
I'm happy to see you again!
Let's dedicate this strength, to everyone, even though I had thought they may not like it

(Ready Steady Go!)
It is time to stand up (Fly away!)
The sky is dyed with all of our tears (Droplets)
I cannot graduate, I still have so much to learn
This small garden needs tending, yet it fills me with satisfaction (Come on!)

My heart beat plays a musical note that fills my soul
It’s a good idea. The song that has been missing will play
And will resound within everyone’s soul (Come on!)
Tomorrow we will soar toward the future let’s go

WE GOT THE POWER! Pretty Cure・All Stars!

Within everyone’s heart is a sleeping star
Grasp each other’s hands tightly as you pave the way (Come on!)
Believe in every moment, and they will last for all eternity

Everyone has Pretty Cure Power Pretty Cure All Stars!


Pretty Cure All Stars DX 3D Theater Theme Single Track01

Pretty Cure All Stars DX 3D Theater Theme Single Track01

Full version

Pretty Cure All Stars DX 3D Theater Theme Single Track03

Pretty Cure All Stars DX 3D Theater Theme Single Track03

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