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CooKing (クッキング?) is a minor character from Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure. He is the king of CooKingdom.


CooKing is a short man with curly white hair and mustache, and pink eyes. He wears a red coat with a white fluffy trim, and two tiny pink hearts held together by a gold thread. He also wears a white frilly dress shirt, a brown belt with a gold buckle, round pants in two different shades of blue, white tights, and brown shoes. On his head is a white and gold crown with a blue fork and spoon on the front.


CooKing is a serious man who also has a goofy side.



CooKing sends Rosemary on a mission to take back the Recipe-Bon.DPPC01 The next day, CooKing uses the Heart Cure Watch to communicate with Rosemary and Nagomi Yui. There, he tells them that the Omurice Recipepe is safe.DPPC02



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