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入江 Irie
SeasonSmile Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceNanairogaoka
RelativesIrie (Younger brother - Novel Only)
First AppearanceSmPC04
Japanese Voice ActorHiguchi Tomoyuki
Irie (入江 Irie?) (Jared in the Glitter Force) is the President of Student Council in Nanairogaoka Public Middle School. He is a handsome and very popular among the female students. He is friends with Reika as they are both in the Student Council. In episode 37, he retires from his position as President and Reika took his place. It's unknown if he is still in the Student Council.


He first appeared in episode 4, where girls are telling Miyuki, Akane, and Yayoi to move somewhere to eat and Nao defends them saying that the girls are bullying them and that the courtyard is for everyone. Then Irie appears saying that the Nao is right that the courtyard belongs to everyone and the girls immediately listened to him (because they liked him) and apologized to Miyuki and the Pretty Cures. Irie left and the girls followed him asking if he had lunch. Irie said he's patrolling for "Keep the School Clean week." Reika then passed by impressed and smiled for what Irie did.

He was mentioned by Reika in episode 13 as her guess about which boy Miyuki has a crush on, only for her to reveal that her crush is on the fictional character Peter Pan.

Miyuki's love interest 2

Later in episode 16, he was in the conference with Reika, the Student Council, Archery teammates and friends saying she will quit everything she has in school, including being a Pretty Cure. He was shocked like the rest of the students, until Nao said that she needs to chill from all of the stress and find what she wants to do. At the end when she finally knows what to do, she came back to Student Council.

In episode 37, he later retired as President and Reika took his position. It's unknown if he is still in Student Council, but seems to be revealed in episode 43 that he is still in the student council. Seen in the front table, he might be the new Vice President.


As the President of Student Council, he is a responsible and friendly guy. He's okay with girls around him all the time for his popularity and he's handsome. He must do his jobs as President, but when he misses it, Reika usually does it for him. He seems to be close friends with Reika and shocked to see she's leaving Student Council and tells her she can rest anytime.


  • He is the 3rd boy to have many girls like him, preceded by Fujimura Shougo and Masumune Ouji.
  • It is revealed in the Smile PreCure Novel, set ten years later, that Irie has a younger brother. The young sibling, who apparently has the same surname as him, attends the same school.
  • 'Irie' is his surname.

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