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Criasu Corporation (クライアス社 Kuraiasu-sha?) is an evil company and the main villains in HUGtto! Pretty Cure. Their goal is to acquire all the Mirai Crystals and extinguish the world's future by freezing time so everyone can have "eternal happiness," according to George Kurai.

Although they have many more employees, most of the season's villains are from the Azababu branch office.


It is not known when the company was founded. The Azababu branch office was established in 2018.

The Criasu Corporation was responsible for taking away Hugtan & Harry's world's future. It was thanks to the White Mirai Crystal that the two escaped. The company is pursuing them to acquire the Crystal.

It was disestablished as of episode 48 when George Kurai was defeated, with its employees being purified by the Cures throughout the season.

As revealed in the new future in episode 49, by going back in time to save her own future, Hugtan prevented Hagukumi City’s time from being stopped along with Criasu Corporation's existence in the original timeline from ever happening to begin with.


Name Image Position
Oshimaida profile
Monsters summoned using Prickly Powerer
Part-timer, defected to the Cures in episode 17
Clerk chief, presumably fired in episode 6, then purified in episode 11
Hired as an executive in episode 21, promoted to General Manager in episode 24, purified in episode 45
JinJin & Takumi
Jinjin & Takumi Toei
Bodyguards of Gelos, purified in episode 31
Section chief, purified in episode 22
Head of Azababu branch office, killed in episode 23 by Doctor Traum but revealed to be purified in episode 24
Secretary of president Kurai, purified in episode 47
Doctor Traum
Doctor Traum Image
Appeared as Counselor in episode 23, purified in episode 37
Hired as Customer Specialist in episode 24, purified in episode 47
George Kurai
President Kurai
Company president, purified in episode 48


暗い (Kurai?) means "dark" or "gloomy", 明日 (asu?) means "tomorrow". クライアス社 (Kuraiasu-sha?) can be translated as "Gloomy Tomorrow Company".


  • Out of all the Criasu Corporation staff/employees only Ruru, Daigan, and Listol never become Oshimaidas when confronting the Cures.
  • Minus George Kurai, who stayed in the present timeline, Papple, Daigan and Doctor Traum are the only members who have not aged backwards after returning to the future. This implies that they are the oldest members of the organization.



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