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The Crystal Animals (クリスタルアニマル Kurisutaru Animaru?) are small creatures that appear in KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode. Each of the Cures owns one.

After resonating with each Cures' resolve and honest emotions they evolved from spheres into crystal statues. Inserted into the Kirakiraru Creamer, they come alive and turn into large mounts for their respective Cures.

After episode 32, they are able to move on their own and act like little companions.


As a crystal statue, the animals are pale blue and resembles a cup with jewel designs on their detailed body.

In mount form the animals grow larger and gain crystal paws, tails or tail details, a unique gem necklace on a frilly collar, and a frilly saddle piece.

Bunny- Ichika's Crystal Animal, A small pale pink bunny with red eyes. On its head is a crystal bow with a strawberry gem on it. The sound it makes is "pyon", which is the Japanese onomatopoeia for hopping.

Squirrel - Himari's Crystal Animal, A light yellow squirrel with brown eyes. It has a crystal marking on its head and a crystal collar with two cherries attached to it. The sound it makes is "kururu", a reference to how squirrels' tails curl.

Lion - Aoi's Crystal Animal, A pale blue lion with a light blue mane and tuft of fur on its tail. It has blue eyes and wears a golden crown. The sound it makes is "gao", the onomatopoeia used for roaring.

Cat - Yukari's Crystal Animal, A lilac cat that has slanted purple eyes. It wears a lavender ribbon around its neck and a gem with a light purple ribbon. The sound it makes is "nya", the onomatopoeia used for meowing.

Dog - Akira's Crystal Animal, A pale burgundy dog that has brown eyes, pointed ears, and a fluffy tail. It wears a red pointed collar or bow with a square-shaped crystal in the center. The sound it makes is "wan", barking.

Pegasus - Ciel's Crystal Animal, A pale mint pegasus with a crystalline mane, two small wings, and a sprig of holly on its left ear. Around its neck is a pale green and white collar. The sound it makes is "patata", likely imitative of flapping wings.