CureMo in the transformation sequence.

The CureMo (キュアモ KyuaMo?) is the five Cures' transformation device in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! series. It has multiple functions which include their transformation, communicating with other Cures and catching Palmins.


A pink-pearl flip phone device. The top part has a small square screen attached to a shiny pink border, while the bottom half has a shiny pale pink area with three buttons on it; one shaped like a rose, the other being two small leaves. Beneath the buttons is a small design.


The most notable ability about the CureMo is the ability to transform into Pretty Cure. This is done by shouting 'Pretty Cure...' pressing the left, right and center buttons in that order and concluding with '...Metamorphose!' A light emits and then transforms the Cure. Another ability granted from Queen Bavarois in episode 21 is the ability to communicate with fellow Pretty Cure. This way the Cures could talk to each other when in danger. One of its properties was also to catch Palmins, which were the fallen parts of the Four Rulers, who possessed the keys to the Cure Rose Garden. With this ability, the Cures were able to revive the Four Rulers when enough Palmins had been collected.


  • It's unknown if it is able to communicate with civilians, or just with Pretty Cure.
  • The "Mo" in CureMo might stand for mobile since the device is similar to a mobile phone.


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