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Toy Merchandise of the Cure Module

The Cure Module (キュアモジューレ Kyua Mojūre?) is a brooch-like device that allows Hibiki, Kanade, Ako, and Ellen to transform into Pretty Cure. For some users it begins as G-clef emblem.

In the first episode of Suite Pretty Cure♪, Hibiki and Kanade obtained them in order to fight the Negatone. In episode 22, Ellen received her Cure Module, and Ako had hers prior to the series.


To transform, a Fairy Tone must be inserted in the top slot of the Cure Module before the owner says "Let's Play! Pretty Cure Modulation!", then they press a button on the bottom to activate it. While it may be possible to use other Fairy Tones with the module, only Dory, Rery, Lary, and Dodory have been used to transform.

Besides transforming into a Pretty Cure, certain Fairy Tones can be inserted to increase abilities. For example, Cure Muse uses hers for her finishing attacks. They can also play music enchanted with their powers. Any Tone can be utilized with the Cure Module except Crescendo Tone, who inhabits the Healing Chest.

They can also be used for other things, as shown by Minamino Kanade in episode 9 when she uses it to calm herself down with Rery's power.


A white and gold heart with a large gemstone in the middle surrounded by four smaller gems of white, light blue, pink, and purple. On top is a silver design with a small gem heart and a hole for the fairy tone to be inserted, while the bottom features two treble-clefs. a curled white design. A button sticks out from the bottom that doubles as a mouthpiece.

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