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Cure Priestress
キュアプリーステス Kyuapurīsutesu
SeasonDokiDoki! Pretty Cure
presumely dead
Eye Colorunknown
Hair Colorblue
First AppearanceDDPC30 (silhouette)
Theme Colorpresumely blue

Cure Priestess (Kyuapurīsutesu Kyuapurīsutesu?) was one of the legendary Pretty Cures from Doki Doki! Pretty Cure. She was the original user of the Eternal Golden Crown. Her team partners were Cure Empress and Cure Magician.



Once, long 10,000 years ago, Cure Priestess had became a Pretty Cure along with two other girls that had used the Three Sacred Treasures in order to battle with a great evil, known as the Jikochū. Using the power of the Eternal Golden Crown, she and her teammates fought together against the forces of Jikochū. The Legendary Pretty Cures were later able to lock away Proto-Jikochuu inside a seal deep inside the base of the Trump Kingdom's chamber itself. It was also the place where the Eternal Golden Crown was used as a seal in order to keep Proto-Jikochuu, locked away. The seal was then hidden away by Melan, along with the Golden Dragon Glaive and, which was later handed down to Trump Kingdom's royal family; along with all Three Treasures in their possession.


  • The one who wears the Eternal Golden Crown gains the knowledge of everything of the world. Cure Priestess theme color seems to be a nod to blue Cures in general, who are known to be the more intelligent Cures.
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