Cure Rose Garden (キュア ローズ ガーデン Kyua Rōzu Gāden?) is a garden of roses in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!. The world was watched over by Flora, but due to her death, the responsibility was passed down to Yumehara Nozomi.


The Cure Rose Garden was once not locked away, but due to Boss from Eternal, Flora locked away the Cure Rose Garden with her in it. She sent the Rose Pact to Nozomi and the others for them to retrieve the Four Rulers to defeat Eternal and get to the Cure Rose Garden to help Flora.

It used to be watched over by Flora, but due to the events of the last episode, Nozomi became the one to watch over the Cure Rose Garden, which she made it open for others to come see its beauty.


Flora, before she died in episode 48, watched over the Cure Rose Garden. Syrup was also taken care of by Flora when he was little here.



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