The Transfer Student is a National Super Idol!! (転校生は、国民的スーパーアイドル!! Tenkōsei wa, Kokuminteki Sūpā Aidoru!!?) is the 10th episode of the season Doki Doki! Pretty Cure, and also the 447th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. In the English dub, Glitter Force Doki Doki, it is called "Superstar Classmate".


After Makoto transfers to the girls school, she grows closer to Mana after she takes it upon herself to help her. In the process, Rikka begins to worry over her place in Mana's heart and eventually gets angry at them, causing tension in the team.



Makoto hidding Dabyi.

Rikka prepares for the school day before her. She gets ready and eats, then meets up with Mana. Upon arrival to school the teacher makes an announcement, revealing that they have a new student, Makoto. Everyone is shocked at first but when Makoto smiles to everyone- she quickly wins them over as they start discussing her to themselves. Makoto is a bit confused over things but she is helped by Mana. 

A bit later, the girls are surprised to see Dabyi and Makoto quickly hides her on her lap before the others spot her.

Later in class a test comes up. Rikka worries over Makoto but she incidentally does something wrong. The test starts and upon finishing, Makoto decides to help Rikka and Mana help clean the classroom. As this is going on everyone excitedly chats about Makoto cleaning. She attempts to please them further by doing a little dance but accidentally spills the water after bumping it.


Rikka cleaning up Makoto's mess.

This annoys Rikka but she says nothing and cleans it up herself. As the girls resume talking for a moment, a group approaches and quickly asks for photographs from her. Rikka reminds them that they aren't allowed to do this on the school grounds and sends them off. But she notices that she's also alone when Mana and Makoto take off.

While Mana was walking with Makoto, Makoto was questioned by Mana over how her day went and Makoto claimed to be happy.

Meanwhile, Rikka was alone walking by herself and then a Pink Taxi came by and Alice appeared telling her to come with her. While they were in the car, they were talking about friend problems, and when arrived they saw Mana with Makoto but Makoto was too tired and fell asleep.


Rikka's mother talking with Rikka.

At home, Rikka still feels sad but Alice manages to help her feel a little better. Her mother was there and they eat together while discussing friend problems.

It was morning, Rikka was late in school and had to go without eating. She grows envious after seeing Makoto and Mana feeding Ai, but her jealousy is interrupted by a frustrated man nearby.

Marmo came and summoned a Jikochū, so Rikka transforms into Cure Diamond to try to help. She freezes the Jikochū's legs and the others girls arrive to help her. Cure Heart used My Sweet Heart and the Jikochū is purified.


Rikka's smile.

Rikka is still saddened, but Makoto tells her not to worry. She manages to make her feel better and Rikka gives a big smile to her friends- ensuring them that she is feeling much better.

Major Events

  • Makoto decides to attend Oogai First Middle alongside Mana & Rikka in order to discover more about Cure Heart.
  • Rikka's mother was shown for the first time.





Secondary Characters


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