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The Dream or the Promise! Rikka's Many Worries! (夢か約束か!六花おおいに悩む! Yume ka Yakusoku ka! Rikka Ōi ni Nayamu!?) is the 14th episode of the season Doki Doki! Pretty Cure, and also the 451st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Rikka grows depressed after doing terribly on a test. The others try to help her feel better and she decides to enter a Karuta competition.


Young Rikka promises her parents that she will become a doctor when she grows up

The episode begins with Rikka recalling a memory from the past.

At school, she is sad and sits by herself while lamenting her poor grades. She grows angry and quiet, keeping to herself even at home. This causes the others to worry, and Dabyi reminds them of the Crystal they saw the other day. They recall how Ai touched the Golden Rose to form it, and points out that it was one of five that they must collect. If they all gather all five, it will produce a new power.

After a while, Rikka says goodbye to the girls and takes off. Mana, shocked by her behavior, questions Rikka's mother about her daughter's behavior when they spot her. Mana feels bad and asks if she knows why she did so poorly on the test, and Rikka's mother admits to being worried for her. At first she didn't think much of it until Rikka started displaying unusual behavior at home.

The fairies think Rikka has become a delinquent

Out of concern for her friend, Mana decides to do something about it.

At school the next day, she sits with her and tries to talk but Rikka quickly leaves. She talks to Makoto about it, and Dabyi worries Rikka may be possessed by something. Sharuru claims that Rikka must suddenly be evil- but this only worries Mana even more. Mana hurries to try to find her and sees Rikka playing a game.

The Queen

Rikka then tells them the story of her plans to enter a Karuta competition. She dutifully trained and practiced playing Karuta, and her grades had begun to slip as a result. She decides to enter a final Karuta tournament against a girl with the nickname "The Karuta Queen" before quitting the hobby in the interest of keeping her grades up.

Eventually the competition arrives. While waiting in line, Rikka and the others watch the Karuta Queen play. Everyone is eager to see her play in person, but watch as she easily defeats several opponents. A man comes for her autograph and she turns him away, frustrated by her lack of finding "a king", someone who can challenge her. She starts to yell when suddenly Ira appears, and with her selfish thoughts, he summons a Jikochuu.

Cure Diamond fighting

The girls see it and transform into Cures. Ira then turns into a Karuta Jikochuu, and summons a pair of Karutas. The Cures try to avoid the Karutas, however they are hit quickly and become exhausted.

After pausing, the girls makes a plan and follow Cure Diamond, as it is her area of expertise. Cure Diamond then starts playing as she avoids and hits the Jikochuu, and, seeing that it is about to fall, calls for Cure Heart to purify it. Cure Heart then performed Heart Shoot and the Jikochuu was defeated.

Rikka with her parents

The building returns to normal, and Rikka plays her karuta match against the Karuta Queen. She does not win, but the Queen is delighted to have finally had a challenging match against Rikka and gifts her her favorite Karuta deck. Ai touches the deck, and the Blue Crystal forms from it.

Rikka's parents then show up, surprised to learn that she had been practicing Karuta the entire time. Rikka felt bad over her test scores and didn't want her mother to be angry with her if she knew the truth and so, did not tell her. However, Rikka's mom is proud of her and happy to know everything is okay, and they embrace as Rikka's dad shows up. Happily, Rikka holds their hands and they take off together.

Major Events

  • Rikka gains the second Blue Royal Crystal from a special deck of Karuta cards won after meeting the Karuta Queen.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The way Lance hits Mana in the face is exactly like how Miyuki and Candy first met in Smile Pretty Cure!'s first episode.
  • In the English dub, this episode was omitted. However, the ending where the Cures receive the blue Royal Crystal is used towards the beginning of "Lights... Camera... Distraction!" The Karuta Cards were instead called flash cards.


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