Shock! The Stolen Crystal! (ショック!奪われたクリスタル! Shokku! Ubawareta Kurisutaru!?) is the 17th episode of the season Doki Doki! Pretty Cure, and also the 454th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. In the English dub, Glitter Force Doki Doki, it is called "The Return of Regina".


Regina strikes again and comes across a red crystal, causing her to change into someone much more evil as the girls explore a new area and try to learn more of the missing Princess.



Regina considers Mana's offer.

The girls were walking into a garden full of sculptures. Makoto then started telling the girls that Princess Marie Ange loved sculptures.

Suddenly Regina appeared and laughed, and then she came closer to Mana, telling her that she wants her and takes her away. The others give chase while discussing while trying to figure out why she even came. She points out she only came for Mana.


The statue is destroyed.

While talking, Makoto noticed a statue looking like Marie Ange, and told her friends about it. While surprised, the girls observe Joe and Ai nearby- discussing the statue. When Regina spots them she laughs and Joe hurriedly attempts to hand Ai over to her. Ai starts to cry and Rikka used another Lovead to make her fall asleep.

The girls start studying the statue and spot a red diamond. Regina gets before them and puts her hand on it, causing the statue to shatter into a million pieces and allow her to grab the diamond.


The red crystal shining.

Alarmed by this, the girls attempt to put it back together but fail. They try to find someone who can fix it and with his help, they are able to put it back together as Regina feels remorse. They tell her not to worry and she calms down, but suddenly a red light flashes from her hand. She observes the red crystal and suddenly she grows angry as her eyes turn red. She demands the girls hand over the other crystals but they refuse, as they are unable to.


The Cures get turned into statues.

Angered by this, she uses the man's heart to summon a Jikochuu. The girls transform and Regina summons a hammer Jikochuu to hit them. The girls try protecting each other, but the they are hit by dark energy, slowly transforming them into stone, one by one. Now mad, Cure Heart demands to know why Regina would do this. She claims to want Mana, and Cure Heart responds by performing Heart Shoot, but the Jikochuu easily dodged it.


Sir Jonathan

Cure Heart then got tired and was not strong to dodge the dark energy of the Jikochuu, but then suddenly another person came as he protected Cure Heart. Then the new person said to Cure Heart to heal her friends and fight together. Cure Heart accepted, and performed Heart Shoot and healed her friends. They grouped together and performed Lovely Force Arrow, and the Jikochuu got defeated.

Regina takes off and the mysterious man introduces himself as Jonathan, a knight sent to protect them. The Cures are shocked by this, realizing who he is.

Major Events

  • The fourth Royal Crystal, a Red one, is found as a crystal of a statue of Princess Ange; it is earned after Regina takes it and realizes Mana and the others are her friends.
  • Regina begins to reveal a more selfish personality with red eyes after taking the red crystal.
  • Joe is revealed to be Jonathan, knight of the Trump Kingdom and Princess Ange's fiance.





Secondary Characters


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