Brilliant Transformation! Appearance of A New Heroine? (華麗な変身!ニューヒロイン登場!? Kareina Henshin! Nyū Hiroin Tōjō??) is the 25th episode of the season Doki Doki! Pretty Cure, and also the 462nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. Its Glitter Force DokiDoki title is Those Who Defend You.


Alice's butler Sebastian develops an artificial Commune to help the Pretty Cure; but a slight mishaps leads to the power falling into the hands of Marmo! Now with a "heroine of justice" on the loose, Alice must put a stop to her while learning a key lesson of what she's fighting for.'



Cure Rosetta appoligizing to Cure Ace.

The episode begins with the Cures fighting a Jikochuu in an airport. The Jikochuu fired flames, and then suddenly, Cure Rosetta performed Rosetta Reflection. The Jikochuu fired more fire at her, and the barrier broke, and suddenly Cure Ace finished it off with Ace Shot. Outside, Cure Rosetta apologized for the barrier breaking, the Cures forgave her, however, but Cure Ace instead told her to train more, so she could not be disappointed anymore. This made Rosetta sad.


Alice fighting with her karutagi.

Alice, then was worrying about her powers, then Sebastian came, as he served her a tea. Alice explained about her powers, and how weak she was out of the team. Then, Alice went into a karate room, and had wore karategi. Alice then started fighting off with fake monsters similar to Jikochuus, however one of the fake monsters knocked her out. While in the door, Sebastian was crying. Then, Sebastian went into a room, and there opened a suitcase, containing a Commune similar to a Lovely Commune, and had a clover in it. Sebastian, then transformed into a superhero, by calling out the phase, "Pretty Cure, Love Link".


Cutie Madame appears for the first time.

The superhero had powers and an attack called, "Sebastian Attack" as he hit the ground, and had super speed. Meanwhile, Marmo and Ira were resting outside and enjoying the weather, and Marmo suddenly left. She went to a forest where Sebastian was training. Marmo started walking, however she fell, causing her luggage to mix with Sebastian's. Sebastian went away. At home, Sebastian opened the luggage and got shocked at seeing make up tools, while Marmo used the Commune, as she saw herself as a heroine.


Cutie Madame during her introduction.

Sebastian went again in the place in hope of finding the luggage, however he saw nothing. Meanwhile in a market, a Jikochuu was shown with Gula. The Jikochuu was easy on them. Suddenly the Jikochuu then started to grow, and was attacking them until a mysterious heroine showed up, calling herself, "Cutie Madame". Sebastian noticed and started panicking. Cutie Madame then performed an attack with her fan by blowing wind as the Cures performed Lovely Force Arrow. The next day, the girls saw that Cutie Madame had appeared in news. The girls then knew it was Marmo, who was Cutie Madame.


Sebastian trying to make young Alice laugh.

While Sebastian was chasing Cutie Madame to get his commune. As Cutie Madame was getting out of a store, Sebastian, dressed up as a knight, then told her to give back the commune, however she did not listen and shot a fire beam at him. After his failure, Sebastian was alone in a room. Alice then appeared. Sebastian then told everything about the Commune and why he had built it, and he said that it was because he wanted to help her. Alice then told him that even if she wasn't strong she knew that Sebastian would be by her side. This made Sebastian happy.


Cure Rosetta fighting with Cutie Madame.

The next day in an amusement park where a play was going on, Cutie Madame appeared as she defeated a fake monster. This caused everyone to panic. Alice then appeared and told Cutie Madame to do a duel. She accepted. Alice then transformed into Cure Rosetta. They began fighting, however Rosetta had difficulties, since Cutie Madame used her fan many times. Suddenly, Cure Heart, Diamond, and Sword appeared, and was helping her. Aguri then also appeared too and transformed. Cure Ace and Rosetta paired up, and combined their attacks to defeat Cutie Madame.


Sebastian with Alice.

Cure Ace performed Ace Shot in yellow color, which made Cutie Madame trapped. Then Cure Rosetta was trying to attack. However, Cutie Madame's hands were still useful, and used them by doing a fire beam. However, Cure Rosetta performed Rosetta Reflection, which then also purified Cutie Madame and turned her into Marmo again. This made Sebastian proud and he cried. Cure Ace then apologized to Rosetta, and made her feel better. At home Alice then made Sebastian proud.

Main Events

  • Sebastian develops the Artificial Commune and uses it to briefly become Cure Sebastian.
  • Marmo accidentally gains the Artificial Commune, using its power to be Cutie Madame until it is destroyed.
  • Alice awakens her power after realizing the third Pretty Cure vow: "A Pretty Cure protects the ones they love".
  • Cure Ace uses an orange version of Ace Shot.


  • For both of the superheros, they have similar designs with different characters.
    • For Sebastian as a superhero:
      • Sebastian's superhero costume is a spoof of Batman's.
    • For Cutie Madame's costume:

Glitter Force edits

  • Japanese text on top of the destination board is removed, but the cities like Osaka and Nagoya remain unaltered, indicating that Glitter Force Doki Doki is set in Japan like in the original Doki Doki Pretty Cure.





Secondary Characters


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