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Ace and Regina! The Truth Behind Their Birth! (エースとレジーナ!誕生の真実! Ēsu to Rejīna! Tanjō no Shinjitsu!?) is the 46th episode of Doki Doki! Pretty Cure series, and also the 483rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. In the English dub, Glitter Force Doki Doki, it is called "The Story of Splendorius".


Using the Golden Crown, Aguri shows everyone the history of the Trump Kingdom; including Marie Ange's life.


Everyone flies while they watch the past the Trump Kingdom.

The episode begins with Cure Ace telling all the Cures that she and Regina are Princess Marie Ange's souls. Everyone is beyond shocked by the announcement, except for Regina, who laughs and tells Ace to use the Eternal Golden Crown to see all the past. As everyone touches it, the crown shocks them before they find themselves spirited into another location, flying over the past Trump Kingdom.

The King holds up a baby Marie Ange thinking as the new hope.

There, the girls see a King who was holding a baby revealed to be Marie Ange. Aguri explains that Marie Ange's mother had died while giving birth to her, and the King went into despair. But with Marie Ange he was sure they had a chance, seeing her as a new hope. As the years passed Marie Ange grew up and fell in love with Jonathan. However, one day, Marie Ange fell ill, causing the King to go into despair again. However, after getting an answer from one of his friends, the King went to the Eternal Golden Crown.

The King, and the dark enemy confronts each other.

But to his alarm, the Crown had been a legendary item left by the past Pretty Cure and was a treasure used to seal dark energy. As he was about to approach it, his heart turned black and he broke the seal to get the Crown, under the belief that it would help him find the Cures to help Marie Ange.

The next day, Marie Ange responded and the King was shown approving this, happy she was feeling better. But soon the dark energy flooded the room and corrupted him. He fell into the nearby water, leaving Marie to worriedly watch.

Marie Ange sends the two hearts while keeping the hope that both would change the future.

As the King became the King Jikochuu, Marie Ange wanted to help him turn back to normal. However, he ordered his five generals, and send them to get people to turn into Jikochuu. Seeing this, Marie Ange and Cure Sword escaped through the transporting mirrors, but soon Bel tricked them, which caused Marie Ange to separate from SwordDDPC07, as Bel caught Marie Ange.

With no other choice as he began to corrupt her own heart, Marie Ange grabbed it and broke it into two pieces. This separated her dark side- Regina, and her good side- Aguri. The remainder of her body turned into an egg. Which had been found by Joe, and soon Mana, and it hatched into Ai.

With that in mind, everyone is left with the impression that the two can fuse together to become Marie Ange again. But Regina refuses, and Mana suggests they come up with a new idea to get her back. Returning to the current time, Regina takes off with her Father as he proceeds to break into Oogai Town. The girls, seeing this hurriedly transform as many citizens begin panicking.

Major events

  • Regina and Aguri's births were explained. They were both parts of Marie Ange's heart before she became an actual Jikochuu, but she did not and became an egg, which was Ai.
  • A trailer is seen at the end of the episode, showing the new Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! overview, and also the two Cures, Cure Lovely and Cure Princess.
  • Regina becomes purified and her color scheme turns normal, but she still sides with her father.


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