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|season = Doki Doki! Pretty Cure
|season = Doki Doki! Pretty Cure
|number = 47
|number = 47
|image = DDPC47main.png
|katakana = キュアハートの決意!まもりたい約束!
|katakana = キュアハートの決意!まもりたい約束!
|translation = Cure Heart's Determination! The Promise I Want to Protect!
|translation = Cure Heart's Determination! The Promise I Want to Protect!

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Cure Heart's Determination! The Promise I Want to Protect!(キュアハートの決意!まもりたい約束!Kyua Hāto no Ketsui! Mamoritai Yakusoku!) is 47th episode of Doki Doki! Pretty Cure series.


The civillian watch as Selfish King and Regina arrived. They ordered the Trio to destroy the town and turn everyone into Jikochuu. The Cures ready to fight against the Selfish Group and beat down the Jikochuu one by one and becomes endless.

Diamond, Rosetta and Sword handle the Selfish Trio while Heart and Ace head towards Selfish King. Heart shout at Selfish King for listen to her but he refuse and attack them but they fight back. Pell remind them that Oogai people will end up like Trump Kingdom but the people manage to help the other evacuate and their heart rob.

Soon, Regina become furious and fight Heart and tell them not to interupt the chat between her and Regina. Regina tells her why she can't fight because they always friend because they keep the promise for seeing her father so Heart can make the love reach him. Selfish King become enraged and attack Heart but Regina quickly switch side and protect her. Selfish King asks her why she defied her because the person she love is not just her father as well as the Cures.

The other Cures arrived, Ace called Selfish King father, and he called Ace Marie Ange.The three make their love reach Selfish King but he refuse and eliminate them.


Pretty Cure



Major Event

Regina finally switch side. The Miracle Dragon Glaive dark power turn back into light. The Cures make the love reach Selfish King


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