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Food Brings Smiles♡ Transform! Cure Precious! (ごはんは笑顔♡変身!キュアプレシャス Gohan wa Egao♡ Henshin! Kyua Pureshasu?) is the 1st episode of Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure and is the 874th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nagomi Yui, who lives in Oishiina Town, meets Rosemary and Komekome who came from CooKingdom. But when a thief from Bundle Gang appears to steal the Recipe Book, Yui gains the power to transform into a Pretty Cure!

Major Events


The narrator introduces the audience to Oishiina Town and Nagomi Yui. Yui helps the Soccer Club win a game, and afterwards eats a lot of rice balls. Yui then thinks about the time she saw a rice ball fairy. Meanwhile, Rosemary is given a mission to find the Recipe-Bon, and is given the Energy Fairies to aid him.

Yui is on her way home from the Soccer match when she notices a lot of closed Latin American shops. Meanwhile, Rosemary is so hungry that he passes out on a nearby bench in the park. Kome-Kome then wakes up to see the hungry Rosemary, so she flies to a nearby fruit shop to find something for him. But the fairy is mistaken to be a peach, which terrifies the lady who throws her by accident into her pram which rolls down a hill. Kome-Kome tries to stop the pram, but gives up. However, Yui arrives just in time to stop the pram. At that time, Ran was delivering food when she ended up in the pram's line of sight. Yui sees Ran on the ground, and helps her get back up. Kokone, who was driving by, sees the two girls and the pram, and wonders what happened.

In the park, Yui meets Kome-Kome and gives the fairy some rice balls. Kome-Kome remembers Rosemary and takes Yui to him, who picks the man up and takes him to her family diner. Not wanting to eat the meal for free, Rosemary washes the dishes. There, Rosemary and Yui get to know each other, and talk about the Recipepes. At the Bundoru Gang hideout, Gentlu puts the stolen Recipepes into the Recipe-Bon. She is then scolded by Secretoru before they do the Bundoru Gang chant.

Takumi walks into Nagomi Diner to tell his mother, An, that's he's going to buy some omurice. Yui's mother, Akiho, tells Takumi to take Yui with him, which makes Takumi blush. Sometime later, the duo have gotten their omurice. As Yui eats her meal, she sees a Omurice Recipepe, and witnesses Gentlu stealing it. This prompts her to run after Gentlu, leaving Takumi behind.

Yui runs into Rosemary who is confronting Gentlu. Gentlu summons an Ubauzo, and in turn, Rosemary creates a Delicious Field to stop Gentlu from escaping with the Omurice Recipepe. Just as Gentlu tells Rosemary that she isn't fond of using violent methods, Yui makes her way into the Delicious Field. Yui tries to save the Recipepe but is quickly picked up by the Ubauzo. Rosemary almost lets Gentlu escape to keep Yui safe, but Yui tells Rosemary they have to save the Recipepe.

Kome-Kome flies up to Yui, who tells the fairy about the time she saw a Rice Ball Recipepe, and how she learned the motto, "food brings smiles". This triggers the gem on Kome-Kome's collar to create a Heart Cure Watch. Rosemary quickly uses his power to punch the Ubauzo, which frees Yui. With the help of Kome-Kome, Yui transforms into Cure Precious.

At first, Precious is surprised by her transformation, but she quickly turns her attention back to saving the Omurice Recipepe. The Ubauzo almost overpowers her at times, but Precious keeps fighting back and eventually purifies the Ubauzo with Precious Triangle. With the Omurice Recipepe now safe in Precious' Heart Cure Watch, Gentlu leaves in anger. Precious feels hungry as Rosemary thanks her for helping. Rosemary does not tell Precious what a Pretty Cure is.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The first few minutes of the episode was previewed on February 2nd, 2022 during the At Home Debut Show that streamed on YouTube.
  • Cure Precious appears at the beginning of the ending revealing the drink Strawberry Juice.


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Episode Preview


新番組『デリシャスパーティ♡プリキュア』ABCテレビ・テレビ朝日系列にて2月6日 日曜あさ8時30分~放送スタート!

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