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Goodbye, Yui......! Mari-chan's Decision (さようなら、ゆい…...! マリちゃんの決意 Sayōnara, Yui......! Mari-chan no Ketsui?) is the 2nd episode of Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure and is the 875th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Rosemary's Delicious Stone is broken, so he can no longer use his powers. Yui says she'll fight, but Rosemary doesn't want her to get involved...

Major Events

  • Yui's mother, Akiho, meets Kome-Kome for the first time.
  • Pam-Pam wakes up from her slumber.


The episode opens with Yui eating an omelet after the battle. As Rosemary and Yui talk about the Recipepes and the Bundoru Gang, the Heart Cure Watch lights up and shows a screen with CooKing on it, surprising the duo. Meanwhile in Bundoru Gang's hideout, Godatz informs Gentlu that she was disturbed by a Pretty Cure. He then proceeds to remind Gentlu and Secretoru about their mission. The two girls end the meeting with the Bundoru Gang chant.

Back in Oishiina Town, CooKing and CooQueen find out Yui is a Pretty Cure, and then inform the duo that the Omurice Recipepe is safe in CooKingdom. Before the call ends, Fennel notices Rosemary's Delicious Stone is broken, and CooKing gives Rosemary some money to help him get by in the human world. Shortly afterwards, Yui realizes she forgot about Takumi, who shows up and scolds Yui for worrying him. Takumi then notices Rosemary, with both of them feeling like they have met each other before. That evening, Rosemary checks in at Fuku-An, and stares sadly into his room's mirror.

The next morning, Yui asks her mother if she can keep Kome-Kome as a pet. Akiho isn't sure of Kome-Kome's species but is okay with Yui looking after Kome-Kome. Yui then remembers the time she found a kitten and looked after it. She then proceeds to hug Kome-Kome. Afterwards, Yui notices Rosemary, who comes over to visit. They talk about their mission, but Rosemary doesn't want to involve Yui, so he goes for a walk with Kome-Kome.

At the Karaage Restaurant, Takumi orders a take-away meal, while Ran eats a meal in the restaurant. The Karaage Recipepe shows up but then Gentlu appears and steals the Recipepe. Ran takes another bite and notices the karaage has lost its taste. Takumi notices the commotion, and realizes it's similar to the situation with the omurice. As Yui hangs up the washing to dry, her Heart Cure Watch informs her that the Karaage Recipepe has been stolen. Yui heads to Fuku-An to find Rosemary, but is told by An that Rosemary has checked out and left a letter behind for Yui to read.

Rosemary confronts Gentlu, who summons an Ubauzo. In turn, Rosemary quickly creates a Delicious Field but without his powers, he is left defenceless and has to run away from the Ubauzo. Meanwhile, Yui uses the Heart Cure Watch to track down the Delicious Field, and on the way she bumps into Kokone. Shortly afterwards, she makes it into the Delicious Field and transforms into Cure Precious, despite Rosemary's best efforts to prevent the transformation from happening.

Precious quickly charges into battle with thinking, and recklessly fights the Ubauzo. At one point, Gentlu changes her tactic and the Ubauzo gains the upper hand on Precious. Rosemary then steps in and tells Precious to stop because he can't bear to watch her get hurt. But Precious tells him she wants to protect food, and won't give up that easily. These words resonate with Rosemary, and he decides to team up with Precious instead. The two come up with a strategy to defeat the Ubauzo. Rosemary distracts the Ubauzo which gives Precious the chance to purify the monster. Gentlu leaves after Precious saves the Karaage Recipepe.

Later that day, Rosemary gives Yui a Party Glass as a token of their friendship. The duo then eat karaage with Akiho. While Rosemary and Akiho talk about cosmetology, the Karaage Recipepe comes out of Yui's Heart Cure Watch, which in turn sucks Kome-Kome into it. This surprises Yui, but she knows the watch will make things more fun. Meanwhile, Pam-Pam finally wakes up.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Precious appears at the beginning of the ending revealing the drink Strawberry Juice.


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デリシャスパーティ♡プリキュア 第2話予告 「さようなら、ゆい…!マリちゃんの決意」

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