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Kome-Kome's Errand! Lost Baby Commotion! (コメコメのおつかい!まいごで大騒動!! Kome-Kome no Otsukai! Maigo de Daisodo?) is the 3rd episode of Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure and is the 876th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Kome-Kome goes on an errand by herself, hoping to make Yui happy. However, after not being able to make a purchase, Fuwa Kokone approaches her...

Major Events

  • Fuwa Kokone and Pam-Pam make their first full appearances.
  • Kome-Kome and Pam-Pam's full names are revealed.
  • Kome-Kome gains the ability to transform into a human baby.


The episode opens with Yui eating a carrot before quickly telling the audience what has happened in the previous episodes. We then cut to the episode itself, where Yui realizes she has to buy some carrots for the curry she's cooking that night. Rosemary arrives to introduce Yui to Pam-Pam, who introduces herself using her full name. Yui is overwhelmed by the name, and is even more overwhelmed when she learns Kome-Kome's full name. Pam-Pam tells Yui to call her "Pam-Pam", who even boasts about how kind-hearted and pretty she is. Kome-Kome wonders how Pam-Pam is able to speak, and is told she'll be able to when she grows up. Rosemary is surprised that Pam-Pam can understand Kome-Kome.

Kome-Kome's stomach growls, and Pam-Pam uses the Heart Cure Watch to feed her. Kome-Kome notices Yui paying more attention to Pam-Pam. Pam-Pam tells Yui that if she collects a lot of Recipepe Stamps, something good will happen. Upset at not being noticed, Kome-Kome decides to go and buy the carrots for Yui, so Yui will praise her and pat her on the head.

At the Bundoru Gang hideout, Secretoru asks Gentlu if she has decided which Recipepe she is going to target next, while judging Gentlu for failing to steal any Recipepes the last two times. Gentlu tells Secretoru she is stuck between curry and pudding, to which Secretoru tells her to go after the Curry Recipepe since she's being craving curry since yesterday. Gentlu and Secretoru end the meeting with the Bundoru Gang chant.

Back in Oishiina Town, Kokone tells her driver that she can walk home. While walking down the street, she sees Kome-Kome in front of a fruits shop, and quickly realizes Kome-Kome is trying to buy some carrots. Kokone walks into the shop and buys the carrots for the fairy. As Kome-Kome walks away, Kokone thinks the fairy is adorable. Meanwhile, Yui, Pam-Pam and Rosemary have noticed that Kome-Kome has gone missing.

Kome-Kome notices people enjoying their food. Kokone sees Kome-Kome fly up over a wall. When she turns, she meets Pam-Pam. After wondering if Pam-Pam can fly like Kome-Kome, Pam-Pam accidentaly asks Kokone if she has seen Kome-Kome. Pam-Pam realizes her mistake and tries to act like a dog. Meanwhile, Kome-Kome finds herself lost in the forest. Some crows startle the fairy into hiding in the basket. She is quickly found by Takumi.

Just as Kokone picks up Pam-Pam, Yui and Rosemary arrive. Kokone gives Pam-Pam back to Yui, and tells her where Kome-Kome went. Meanwhile, Ran is enjoying some curry when she sees Gentlu appear. The next second, her curry tastes different. Yui gets the alert on her Heart Cure Watch, and she starts to worry about Kome-Kome's whereabouts. But then Takumi arrives with Kome-Kome. Yui notices Kome-Kome went to buy carrots, so she thanks Kome-Kome and pats her on the head. Then Yui realizes she can't make the curry without the Curry Recipepe, so she, Rosemary and the fairies quickly head to Gentlu's location. Yui and Rosemary find Gentlu, not realizing Kokone is nearby. Gentlu summons an Ubauzo, prompting Rosemary to create the Delicious Field. Kokone witnesses all of this, and just before leaving, Yui and Pam-Pam notice Kokone as well. Then, Kokone faints.

Now in the Delicious Field, Yui transforms into Cure Precious. Precious fights the Ubauzo, with Rosemary giving her some advice. Precious flies into the Ubauzo to punch it from the inside out, but the Ubauzo starts spinning around, which makes Precious feel dizzy. But thanks to her dedication of wanting to make a delicious curry with Kome-Kome, Precious punches her way out of the Ubauzo, and then purifies it. The Curry Recipepe flies into Precious' Heart Cure Watch, while Gentlu leaves, promising to buy some curry on her way back. Just as Precious and Rosemary leave the Delicious Field, Kokone wakes up. Kokone realizes she has to go home, to which Precious picks her up and jumps on roof tops to get her there.

That evening, Yui, Rosemary and Pam-Pam make the curry with the help of the Curry Recipepe, while Kome-Kome sleeps in the Heart Cure Watch. She dreams about Yui patting her on the head, when suddenly she turns into a human baby. This surprises Yui and Rosemary, but Pam-Pam explains that Kome-Kome is a special Energy Fairy. With the help of Pam-Pam, Kome-Kome expresses how she wants to grow up quickly so she can be like Yui. Afterwards, everyone happily eats the curry. Meanwhile, Kokone is eating her dinner all by herself.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Precious appears at the beginning of the ending revealing the drink Strawberry Juice.


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デリシャスパーティ♡プリキュア 第3話予告 「コメコメのおつかい!まいごで大騒動!!」

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