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Growing Desire... Birth of Cure Spicy! (ふくらむ、この想い...キュアスパイシー誕生! Fukuramu, Kono Omoi... Kyua Supaishī Tanjō?) is the 4th episode of Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure and is the 877th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


It's a new semester, and Yui is in the same class as Kokone. When Kokone, who rarely speaks to other students, interacts with Yui, she realizes Yui was the Pretty Cure from the other day...

Major Events

  • Fuwa Kokone transforms into Cure Spicy and performs Spicy Circle for the first time.


While eating breakfast, Kokone sees the Sandwich Recipepe. On the way to school, she thinks about the time Cure Precious had dropped her off at home. When Kokone walks into the classroom, everyone stops what they're doing and looks at her. Yui is told by a classmate about why Kokone is so popular. Some boys want to talk to Kokone, but she walks out of the classroom before they could even try.

At home, Yui tells her mother and Rosemary about Kokone. When Yui's mother leaves, Kome-Kome turns into a human, and Yui feeds her a sandwich. Pam-Pam tells Yui she wants to see Kokone again, but is told by Rosemary that she can't talk to her. Yui promises to talk to Kokone for Pam-Pam. Meanwhile, Godatz scolds Gentlu for her multiple failures. Secretoru tells Gentlu to target the Recipepes based on bread.

The next day, Yui tries to talk to Kokone, but struggles to find the right time to do so. Kokone notices a hole in the rabbit's breeding shed. At lunch, Yui misses her chance once again, but Ran tells Yui she might have gone to the cafeteria. At the cafeteria, Yui doesn't see Kokone, so she continues to look for her on an empty stomach. At the same time, Ran eats some ice cream as an Ice Cream Recipepe watches over her.

Yui finally finds Kokone trying to pull a blue mattress away from a wall. Yui helps Kokone, and learns that she had been trying to rescue a baby rabbit. After thanking Kokone for helping Kome-Kome, Yui asks Kokone to hang out with her, when they notice Pam-Pam is with them. At Heart Bakery, Kokone struggles to compose herself due to Kome-Kome and Pam-Pam's cuteness. Yui wishes Rosemary could have joined them, not realizing he did want to come. As the two girls eat their sandwiches, they realize they can both see Recipepes. Soon after, Gentlu arrives and steals the Recipepes.

Rosemary, who followed the girls out of jealousy, and Yui confront Gentlu, who uses the three Recipepes to summon a strong Ubauzo. As Rosemary creates the Delicious Field, Kokone runs in after them. There, Pam-Pam accidentally speaks to Kokone, who notices Yui transform into Cure Precious, and fight the Ubauzo. Pam-Pam tells Kokone what is happening, as Rosemary tries to get Kokone to leave. However, Kokone doesn't want to leave and after admitting how she feels to Pam-Pam, a light from Pam-Pam's heart brooch gives Kokone a Heart Cure Watch. Surprised, Kokone transforms with Pam-Pam to become Cure Spicy.

After Spicy kicks the Ubauzo, Precious learns that Spicy is Kokone. Gentlu orders her Ubauzo to fight back, but Spicy successfully deflects the attack with her shield, as Precious tries to kick the Ubauzo. Spicy performs Peppery Sandwich Press to trap the Ubauzo, and after Precious punches it, Spicy purifies it. With the Recipepes safe in the Heart Cure Watch, Gentlu leaves. After Precious and Spicy thank each other, the girls and Rosemary head back to Heart Bakery, where Kokone offers to share her Curry Bread with Yui.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Spicy appears at the beginning of the ending revealing the drink Soda Pop.


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デリシャスパーティ♡プリキュア 第4話予告 「ふくらむ、この想い...キュアスパイシー誕生!」

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