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I Want To Get Close To Them...! Kokone's First Friends! (なかよくなりたいのに...!ここね、初めてのおともだち! Nakayoku Naritai no ni...! Kokone, Hajimete no Otomodachi!?) is the 5th episode of Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure and is the 878th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Rosemary thinks Kokone is avoiding him, however, Kokone just doesn't know how to interact with her new friends. Yui decides to invite Kokone and Rosemary so they can make lunch together.

Major Events

  • Kokone overcomes her shyness and befriends Rosemary and Yui.
  • Kasai Amane appears for the first time.


Rosemary expresses concern over Kokone possibly avoiding him, so Yui plans a day for the three of them to spend some time together. While reading a book on how to be closer with her new friends, Kokone accidentally brushes Pam-Pam's fur too much. At school, Amane tells the students to keep studying and lead a proper lifestyle during assembly. After assembly, Kokone tries to play it cool when Yui and Takumi greet her, but she instead comes off awkward. At lunch, Kokone continues to read the book, when Yui asks her to go shopping with her and Rosemary. Kokone accepts when she learns they're going to Pretty Holic.

At the Bundoru Gang hideout, Godatz is informed about the appearance of a second Pretty Cure, in which he orders Gentlu to bring all kinds of food to him. Secretoru then tells Gentlu to target soup next. Outside of Pretty Holic, Rosemary tries to interact with Kokone, but the way she responds gives him the wrong impression. Looking at the selection in the store, the way Yui and Rosemary look at the products reminds Kokone of these two girls from a while back, which influences Kokone to recommend many products to Yui and Rosemary. However, when Yui admits she never had an interest in make-up, Kokone thinks she accidentally pushed her interests onto Yui, only for Yui to take the lip gloss Kokone had recommended anyway.

Despite being hungry after eating some Heart Fruit Gummies from Fruits Parlor KASAI, Yui is still hungry. So she takes Rosemary and Kokone to her house so they can make veggie soup for lunch. Yui buys a lot of vegetables, and the girls wash their hands before cooking. While Yui peels the potatoes, Akiho helps Kokone with peeling carrots, as Kokone doesn't know how to cook. Meanwhile, many Recipepes watch over Ran as she enjoys her meals. But then Gentlu appears, and steals the Recipepes. Ran is upset when her meals suddenly taste bad.

Kokone has accidentally peeled the carrot too much, but Yui eats the thin carrot. Akiho can't find the ginger, so Kokone goes to ask Rosemary about it, but she overhears Rosemary telling the Energy Fairies that he thinks Kokone may not like him. Just as Kokone tries to talk to Rosemary, she gets an SOS alert on her Heart Cure Watch. Yui, Kokone, Rosemary and the Energy Fairies confront Gentlu, who summons an Ubauzo, prompting Rosemary to create the Delicious Field.

The girls transform, but Spicy quickly engages in the battle, recklessly fighting the Ubauzo. After getting overpowered for a second time, Rosemary and Yui confront Spicy about her behavior. Spicy admits how she wants her friends to like her, despite all of her imperfections. Precious and Rosemary tell Spicy that they like her, with Precious' "failure is the mother of salami" quote confusing Rosemary and Spicy. Gentlu overhears the quote and corrects it before ordering her Ubauzo to attack. Rosemary tells Spicy to believe in herself, and Spicy manages to overpower the Ubauzo with "Peppery Sandwich Press", allowing Precious to weaken the Ubauzo with her 500 Kilocalorie Punch. Spicy purifies the Ubauzo with Spicy Circle.

With the Recipepes safe inside of Spicy's Heart Cure Watch, Gentlu leaves, and the girls and Rosemary head back to Yui's house. There, Kokone gives Rosemary a gift, and apologizes for the misunderstanding. In return, Rosemary gives Kokone a Party Glass as a token of their friendship. Kokone helps apply lip gloss to Yui's lips, and Kome-Kome turns into a human, surprising Kokone. Kokone thinks Kome-Kome is adorable. Later that evening, the girls, Rosemary and Akiho eat the veggie soup, with the carrot Kokone had peeled turned into little star-shaped slices.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Spicy appears at the beginning of the ending revealing the drink Soda Pop.


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デリシャスパーティ♡プリキュア 第5話予告 「なかよくなりたいのに...!ここね、初めてのおともだち!」

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