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ダビィ Dabii
SeasonDoki Doki! Pretty Cure
Eye ColorPurple
Hair ColorLilac and dark purple
Home PlaceTrump Kingdom
First AppearanceDDPC01
Alter EgoD.B.
Japanese Voice ActorUchiyama Yumi
English Voice ActorErica Mendez

Dabyi (ダビィ Dabii?) (or Davi in the English Dub Glitter Force Doki Doki) is a cat-like fairy, one of the four main mascots in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.

She is very independent, much like her partner, Cure Sword, but she often worries about Sword. She ends her sentences with "~dabyi" (sometimes "~byi"). She's also Makoto's manager, D.B.


Dabyi is a lavender cat fairy with a long tail and big ears with slightly darker coloring in them. Her big amethyst eyes have purple lash-like markings that resemble Sharuru's and Raquel's but more pointed with two small bumps. Her nose is tiny and she has light violet blushed cheeks. She wears a frilly amethyst ribbon on her head with a heart medallion in the center, and a purple ruffled cloth on her neck.

As a human, she has short deep blue (almost black) hair. She often wears stylish black business attire and glasses.


An independent and wise partner. She often worries over Cure Sword though, and tends to treat her like a concerned older sibling- appearing to only lose her calm personality if it involves her.


She is first seen with Makoto, worrying about her not having any close friends. After that, she is later seen as a human, unknowingly to the audience, until she turns into a Lovely Commune to help Makoto and the Cures.


Kenzaki Makoto: Dabyi is Makoto's partner. She also works as her manager when transformed into her human form. She often worries over Makoto and appears to understand her feelings very well; even if Makoto is unable to say or achnowledge them herself.

Sharuru/Raquel/Lance: They first met in episode 07.


Dabyi's main ability is turning into a Commune to help Makoto transform into Cure Sword. She can also turn into a human, and has the ability to fly.


Dabyi (ダビィ) - from David (a Biblical character from the Old Testament), the King of Spades in the traditional Paris court card name.

D.B. - consonants of "Dabyi".


  • She seems to be the oldest of all four mascots, having existed before Sharuru, Raquel and Lance were prematurely sent to find the Cures.
    • Further proof is that in episode 29, the other three can only turn into children as humans while Dabyi becomes an adult.



Dabyi (Fairy form)

Dabyi (Human form)



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