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Daruizen (ダルイゼン?) is a general from the Byogens and a villain from Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure.



He is a young, devilish boy who has pale blue skin with olive eyes, dark green hair, a pair of red horns, and a scorpion-like tail. His attire is gothic with a dark red coat, black buckle belt, and black boots with grey accents.

After absorbing a Mega Part into his body, his coat becomes darker red, lengthens, and gains blue layers and dark green appendages. On his right chest there is a blue rose lapelled with yellow strings. His belt now has a red gem. His horns become longer and curved, and he now has dark crimson makeup and near his right eye there are taffy pink irregular shaped markings.

After absorbing even more Mega Parts, he becomes a gigantic demonic creature with blue markings on his skin. His hair becomes longer and gains a blue ombre while his horns turn blue. He has glowing yellow eyes with red and purple markings underneath. He has two pairs of black and blue wings and his tail is split into two blue tips.


Daruizen comes off as rather calm yet emotionless. He also looks down upon the Healing Animals, getting rather cocky, thinking that there's no point trying to save the Earth anymore. Unlike his fellow generals, he is more laid-back when it comes to attacking Earth, but is more strategic, smarter and sadistic than them. He becomes more aggressive after getting upgraded. In the end, it is his own selfishness that brings about his own downfall.


  • Hanadera Nodoka - Cure Grace is his rival. Both of them have opposing perspectives on the environment. It is later revealed that he is the pathogen that infected her years ago and caused her chronic illness. Despite this, he still has some need for Nodoka, including wanting to go back inside her body to restore his strength and to hide from King Byogen so he wouldn't be absorbed.
  • Guaiwaru and Shindoine - His fellow generals, but he appears uninterested towards the idea of cooperating with them.
  • Batetemoda - His new fellow general that his Megabyogen created after infecting a nutria. He seems surprised when Batetemoda refers to him as his older brother. He normally treats Batetemoda with indifference and sees him as a nuisance.
  • Nebusoku - A general that he created. He was quite disappointed after Nebusoku was quickly defeated, but is quick to dismiss it.


"Darui" (だるい?) means "sluggish"/"languid" in Japanese which means to "feel sickly".


In episode 1, Daruizen appears sitting on a park bench, disgusted by the life he sees. He sees the Flower Element Spirit and turns it into a Megabyogen. Later, he taunts Rabirin and proceeds to watch everything happen from afar. When he sees Cure Grace, he is stunned, wondering how Pretty Cure are still around, because humans don't live very long. After his Megabyogen was defeated, he retreats to the hideout to report what happened.

In episode 6, Daruizen has a face-to-face confrontation with Grace after he infects the Fruit Element Spirit and hurts Grace's mother. He disagrees with Grace after she asks him why he wants to pollute the Earth and infects Rabirin with his bad energy. When they are about to fight, Grace suddenly runs off to save Sparkle, much to Daruizen's confusion as he knows she is still mad at him.

In episode 11, Daruizen's Megabyogen is the last one standing after both Shindoine and Guaiwaru's Megabyogen were purified by the Cures. As his Megabyogen is proven to be extremely powerful, he indirectly has a nutoria turned into a new general thanks to his Megabyogen's parasitic seed. He spitefully retreats after the Cures perform Healing Oasis.

In episode 15, Daruizen is complimented and served by Batetemoda, but he reacts rather indifferently, which irritates Batetemoda. He later attacks the Cures and tries to take advantage of Nodoka and Rabirin being unable to transform, but fails after they reconcile.

In episode 21, Daruizen remains indifferent after knowing Batetemoda is defeated. He infects a flower field and is happy that Guaiwaru is dumb enough to indirectly power up his Megabyogen. He also meets Cure Earth for the first time. He is able to seize some fragments of his Megabyogen after the fight.

In episode 24, Daruizen experiments with his Mega Part after sneaking into the countryside of Ooraka City at night to use it on a fledgling bird. He watches the battle, and is disappointed when Nebusoku is purified by Earth.

In episode 27, Daruizen asks Shindoine if she remembers her host, but she doesn't. Later, he takes drastic measures by forcefully inserting a Mega Part into Cure Grace. He then sadistically watches as Grace collapses in pain.

In episode 28, after the defeat of Kedary, Daruizen remembers he was born from a Megabyogen that infected Nodoka years before the start of the series. Before fleeing from the Pretty Cures, Daruizen tells Grace that he is "beginning to like her" in some way.

In episode 33, he upgrades himself despite hesitating at first, giving in to pressure from King Byogen and his own desire to become more powerful. After turning Dr. Hachisuka into a Gigabyogen, he at first has the upper hand against Grace, but her strong desire to protect the doctor ultimately overpowers him.

In episode 37, he suddenly shows up in front of the four Healing Animals while they are spending time with each other and harasses them. When a farmer's uncle intervenes, he becomes annoyed at him and turns him into a Gigabyogen. He tries to persuade the Healing Animals to give up, but their determination to save the farmer's uncle allows them to win against him again.

In episode 40, he attempts to separate Grace from the others as they escape the Byogen Kingdom by weakening the portal, but the other three combined their powers to reopen it so Grace can go through it before he can attack.

In episode 41, he is shocked to see Guaiwaru being absorbed by King Byogen, as well as his resurrection. Back at his lair, King Byogen attempts to convince Daruizen to get absorbed by him as well, but Daruizen runs away in fear. Weakened, he then appears in front of Nodoka while she is jogging, and she transforms into Grace to fight him. Before anything could happen, Daruizen asks if he could re-enter her body so he can recover his strength. Remembering everything he put her through, Grace backs off and runs away, leaving Daruizen on the ground as he says she is as selfish as he is for doing that.

In episode 42, he is left with no choice but to absorb a lot of Mega Parts, turning him into a large demonic creature. The Cures are alerted of his appearance and transform to fight him. Throughout the battle, he targets Grace the most and tries to convince her to help him. However, Grace is not swayed by his words, remembering all the pain he put her through and the damage he wanted to do to the Earth, and is able to weaken him before she and the others turn him back to his normal form with Final! Healin' Good♥Shower. However, King Byogen arrives soon after and absorbs Daruizen, changing his form again.


  • Megabyogen Creation
    • Like King Byogen and the other Byogen generals, Daruizen can create a Megabyogen by creating tiny spherical bat-like demons called Nanobyogen, which can possess Element Spirits. He can only create one Nanobyogen at a time and does so by stroking his own hair. After upgrading himself with the Mega Part in episode 33, he can summon Gigabyogens by infecting humans.
  • Projectile Creation
    • Daruizen can create and control dark orbs, that he can use to damage foes from afar.
  • Immense Strength
    • Being an evolved Megabyogen, Daruizen is strong enough to open craters in the ground with a mere punch, without harming himself in any way.
  • Teleportation
    • Like all Byogen generals, Daruizen is able to teleport freely between the Byogen Kingdom and Earth.


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