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"Food is smiles♡
Everyone, gather around and eat to your hearts content!

– Phrase from the website

Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure (デリシャスパーティ♡プリキュア?) is the nineteenth installment in the Pretty Cure franchise.

The season is scheduled to air on February 6th, 2022, succeeding Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure in its initial time slot.

The series' main themes are food, gratitude, and sharing.


Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure was first trademarked November 2nd, 2021. On November 26th, 2021, the teaser website launched. The site officially opened on January 9th, 2022.


Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure episodes
Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure movie
Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure Manga (Kamikita Futago)


CooKingdom is a delicious happy world run by cooking.
One day, the Recipe Bon, the treasured power with which they cook with, are taken by the phantom thief Bandits! Next, they're after the cooking fairies, Recipeppis...!!

The Energy Fairies arrive at Oishiina Town in search of the Recipe Bon and by chance, three ordinary girls become Pretty Cure!
They'll get back the recipebbons, protect everyone's smiles, and defeat The Bandits!


Pretty Cure

Nagomi Yui (和実ゆい?)
Yui is a calm, straightforward, and energetic 2nd year middle school student. Her family owns a diner, and she is an only child. She has outstanding physical drive and gets hungry quickly. Her catchphrases are "Delicious smile~!" (デリシャスマイル~!?) and "I'm hungry~!" (はらペコった~!?). She loves fresh vegetables. Yui cherishes her grandmother's motto, "food is smiles". With Kome-Kome's power, she can transform into Cure Precious (キュアプレシャス?).

Fuwa Kokone (芙羽ここね?)
Kokone is a fashionable, cool beauty. She's a 2nd year middle school student who loves make-up and cute things. Her family owns a fine restaurant, and she is an only child. She is admired by many people, but she prefers to be alone, and doesn't speak much. Kokone's favourite breads are curry bread and heart-shaped bread. With Pam-Pam's power, she can transform into Cure Spicy (キュアスパイシー?).

Hanamichi Ran (華満らん?)
Ran is a cute 2nd year middle school student who loves to talk. Her family owns a ramen shop, and she has a little sister and a little brother. She is very curious about food, and when she gets excited, she can't stop talking. She secretly posts about rice on "CureSta". With Mem-Mem's power, she can transform into Cure Yum-Yum (キュアヤムヤム?).

Energy Fairies

Kome-Kome (コメコメ?)
Kome-Kome is the Energy Fairy of Rice, and is a female white fox. Compared to the other two, she's young, innocent and energetic. When she combines forces and transforms with Yui, she enters her "rice ball form". She ends her sentences with "~kome" (~コメ?).

Pam-Pam (パムパム?)
Pam-Pam is the Energy Fairy of Bread, and is a female dog. She's 4 or 5 in human years, and loves getting compliments. She loves Kokone. When she combines forces with Kokone, she enters "sandwich form". She ends her sentences with "~pamu" (~パム?).

Mem-Mem (メンメン?)
Mem-Mem is the Energy fairy of Noodles, and is a male dragon. About 4-5 in human years, he's very calm, and doesn't make a fuss about anything. He's impressed by Ran's passion. When he combines forces with Ran he enters his "bowl form". He ends his sentences with "~men" (~メン?).


Rosemary (ローズマリー?)
Rosemary came from CooKingdom in search of the Recipe Bon. He is the captain of this quest. He has high beauty standards and knows cosmetology. He also cries often and is emotional. His catchphrase is "◯◯ sized~!" (◯◯盛り~!?).

The Bandits

Gentle (ジェントル―?)

Ubauzo (ウバウゾー?)
The series' main monsters.

Supporting Characters

Shinada Takumi (品田拓海?)
Takumi is Yui's childhood friend and a 3rd year middle school student. He's blunt but takes care of people. His family runs a guest house.


  • Recipe Bon (レシピボン?)
  • Heart Cure Watch (ハートキュアウォッチ?)
  • Heart Juicy Mixer (ハートジューシーミキサー?)
  • Party Glass (パーティグラス?)


  • Oishiina Town (おいしーなタウン?): The city that the series takes place in.
  • CooKingdom (クッキングダム?): The world Rosemary and the Energy Fairies are from.



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