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The Desert Devil (砂 漠 の デ ビ ル, Sabāku no debiru) is a powerhouse in Dune's army in Heartcatch Pretty Cure!. He sends the Desert Devil to a thriving planet full of life, allowing it to turn the planet into an endless lifeless desert.


First Sighting

Desert Seed being fired at a planet

Dune contacts the Pretty Cures and tells them he will be sending a Desert Seed to Earth and that the Desert Devil will turn all the greenery into a desert. Dune quickly shows the girls a demonstration. The four watch as a Desert Seed is fired at a planet full of life. When the Seed impacts the planet, it quickly turns into a desert and the four girls are left with no other option but to go back to the Pretty Cure Palace and take the Ultimate Test to gain access to the Super Silhouette.

Obtaining the New Power

Dune sends a Desert Seed to Earth, forcing the Pretty Cures to undergo the ultimate test to gain more power. Cure Marine, Sunshine and Moonlight pass their tests and shortly after the Desert Seed crashes, causing the Desert Devil to be born. The three quickly decide they must battle it without Cure Blossom and buy her time to complete her test. The three manage to keep the Desert Devil busy long enough to allow Cure Blossom to complete her test and all four use their new power, the Super Silhouette. With their new powers from the Heartcatch Mirage they use the Heartcatch Orchestra attack which defeats the Desert Devil and making the world safe.

HUGtto! Pretty Cure

After turning into an Oshimaida, Doctor Traum summoned an army of monsters to fight the Pretty Cures, primarily Oshimaidas but also including monsters faced by previous teams, including a Desert Devil. It fired several lasers that were blocked by Shiny Luminous’s Heartiel Brooch, Cure Mint’s Emerald Saucer, Cure Sunshine’s Sunflower Aegis, Cure Rosetta’s Rosetta Reflection, and Cure Ange’s Heart Feather! shields. The Desert Devil was subsequently pierced by Cure Dream, Cure Happy, and Cure Yell in the first one’s Shooting Star, then obliterated by the latter two’s respective Happy Shower and Heart For You! blasts.HuPC37

Powers and Abilities

The Desert Devil turn a planet into a desert

  • The Desert Devil has the ability to make all plant life wither and die leaving only sand in its place. This would also include the Heart Tree and cause everyone's Heart Flowers to wither leaving them without hope.
  • Desert Devil are also able to use red lasers to wither all the vegetation. These same lasers can use them to attack. In addition to their large size and strength, Desert Devils have a kind of heads for their bodies that can throw lightning bolts and bite their enemies.


  • A silhouette of a Desert Devil appears in the opening sequence of the show with Cure Blossom and Marine battling it.


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