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Desertrian (デザトリアン Dezatorian?) is a regular monster in Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, serving the Desert Apostles. Unlike the previous seasons, a Desertrian originates from a person's withering Heart Flower, and by possessing an object, converts the owner of the Heart Flower's frustration and distress into power. It has been stated that the more flowers of the Heart Flower that have wilted, the more powerful the Desertrian becomes, and a Desertrian with just a color-changed Heart Flower is weaker than those whose Heart Flower is wilting.HPC02 It has so far not been proved if a Desertrian can possess living objects. Similar to the Kowaina from Yes! Pretty Cure 5, a Desertrian can create its own limbs.HPC03 Unlike the other monsters from previous seasons, Desertrians can speak properly and they say the name of the object it possesses (instead of their name).

With the power of a Dark Bracelet, the summoner of the Desertrian can fuse with that monster and can accelerate the wilting of the Heart Flower to strengthen the Desertrian.HPC31 When they fuse with it, the Desertrian takes on a more feral and evil appearance.

All Desertrians are voiced by Kaneda Tomoko.

List of Desertrians

Image Possessing Summoned by Defeated with Origin
Desertrian 01.jpg Lost doll Sasorina Pink Forte Wave Kurumi Erika's jealousy to her older sister.
HPC03 Desertrian 02.jpg Ueshima Sayaka's soccer ball Sasorina Blue Forte Wave Ueshima Sayaka's distress at the soccer team's sexism.
HPC04 Desertrian 03.jpg Street cleaner Kumojaki (off-screen) Blue Forte Wave N/A
HPC04 Desertrian 04.jpg Field roller Kumojaki Floral Power Fortissimo Ogasawara Mao's inferiority-complex toward Kumazawa Ayumi.
HPC05 Desertrian 05.jpg Ramen Noodles Cobraja Floral Power Fortissimo Miura Akira's conflicting feelings about his father's dream.
HPC06 Desertrian 6.jpg Tada Kanae's camera Sasorina Pink Forte Wave Tada Kanae's doubt in her passion for photography.
HPC07 Desertrian 07.jpg Bronze statue Cobraja Floral Power Fortissimo Myoudouin Itsuki's distress about her identity.
HPC08 Desertrian 08.jpg Make-up set Kumojaki Blue Forte Wave Kurumi Momoka's wish to be normal.
HPC09 Desertrian 09.jpg Cellphone Cobraja Floral Power Fortissimo Obata's wish for another future.
HPC11 Desertrian 11.jpg Nunchaku Kumojaki Pink Forte Wave Sakai Yoshito's distress when his brother loses his confidence in kung-fu.
HPC12 Desertrian 12.jpg River Cobraja Pink Forte Wave Shibata Risa's fear of losing Toshioka Yuuto's love.
HPC14 Desertrian 14.jpg Sweeping tools Sasorina Pink Forte Wave Shiku Nanami's motherly responsibilities for her sister.
HPC15 Desertrian 15.jpg Myoudouin dojo's banner Kumojaki Floral Power Fortissimo Hiroto's wish to be a Myoudouin Dojo candidate.
HPC16 Desertrian 16.jpg Theater light Cobraja Blue Forte Wave Takagishi Azusa's inability to be a fair leader of the drama club.
HPC17 Desertrian 17.jpg Spatula Sasorina Floral Power Fortissimo Harano Masahiro's wish to be acknowledged by his father and grandfather.
HPC18 Desertrian 18.jpg Ink pot Kumojaki Floral Power Fortissimo Ban Kenji's fear of his mother not accepting his dream as a mangaka.
HPC19 Desertrian 19.jpg Scarecrow Cobraja Blue Forte Wave Horiuchi Aki's dismay of leaving her father to get married.
HPC20 Desertrian 20.jpg Mannequin Sasorina Blue Forte Wave Tsuyuki Karin's resentment towards Momoka.


Desertrian 21.jpg Potpourri's disguise Cobraja Floral Power Fortissimo Ms. Tsurusaki's fear of being an unacceptable teacher due to her phasmophobia.
HPC22 Desertrian 22.jpg Bitter Melon Kumojaki Blue Forte Wave Mizushima Aya's doubts in her gardening abilities.
Desertrian 23.jpg Wheelchair Sasorina (off-screen) Gold Forte Burst Myoudouin Satsuki's fear of his upcoming surgery.
HPC26 D26.jpg Thermos Kumojaki Gold Forte Burst Sawai Naomi's admiration for Itsuki.
HPC27 D27.jpg Music Box Sasorina Pink Forte Wave Nakano Mitsuru's love for Tsubomi.
HPC28 Episode 28 Desertrians.jpg




Cobraja (off-screen) - Elementary school students' dislike of summer break homework.
HPC28 D28.jpg School supplies Cobraja Pink Forte Wave
Blue Forte Wave
Gold Forte Burst
The fusion of the previous Desertrians
HPC29 D29.jpg Bicycle Kumojaki Pink Forte Wave Hayashi Yuki's guilt about incompleting his bicycle challenge.
HPC30 D30.jpg Telephone pole Cobraja Gold Forte Burst Haruka's mother's distress after her daughter runs away from home.
HPC31 D31 1.jpg Mobile crane Sasorina (off-screen) Floral Power Fortissimo N/A
HPC31 Laptop Sasorina Shining Fortissimo Hideo's jealousy of Yuri having the top test score.
HPC35 Movie recorder Kumojaki Silver Forte Wave Sugiyama's fear of not finishing his movie in time for the school festival.
HPC36 Microphone and music box Cobraja Shining Fortissimo Ikeda Aya and Kudou Mayu's stage-fright.
HPC40 Desertrian 40 (1).jpg Mailbox Sasorina (off-screen) Silver Forte Wave N/A
HPC40 Myoudou Academy Sasorina Heartcatch Orchestra Satou's embarrassment of wanting to be student council president for selfish reasons.
HPC41 Monster puppet Kumojaki Heartcatch Orchestra Noriko's inability to be strict with her students.
HPC42 Love letter Cobraja Heartcatch Orchestra Hayato's love for Yuri.
HPC43 Kumojaki's sword Kumojaki Heartcatch Orchestra Kasumi's belief that her baby sister stole her parents' attention.
HPC44 Snowman Kumojaki & Cobraja Heartcatch Orchestra

A young man's envy towards other people being together at Christmas.

Movie Obelisk.png Obelisk Baron Salamander Shining Fortissimo Olivier's wish to be free from Salamander.

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