Dessert Kingdom

The Dessert Kingdom (デザート王国 Dezāto Ōkoku?) and is sometimes called the Land of Sweets (お菓子の国 Okashi no kuni?), is the place where Chocola lives in the movie Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!: Okashi no Kuni no Happy Birthday!.

Everything here is is made out of sweets. Trees, grass, houses, rivers and everything are made of everykind of sweets. Chocola is the Princess of the Dessert Kingdom and her Mother, the Queen Dessert rules. The denizen wore animal headbands on their heads and work in shops to sell sweets and workers to get sweets from places.


Mushiban's control

Mushiban took over Queen Dessert and made her to hate her castle and eat it but in the same time also the Cures had arrived making them to get eatten also, Mushiban also took control of Queen Dessert's two butlers, Dry and Bitter, so they could get the Cures defeated. On the arrival of Nuts, Milk and Coco the Queen made them not move as she took Coco and brainwashed him so he would kill Cure Dream making the whole Kingdom in terror.

Mushiban's defeat

Cure Aqua and Cure Rouge had defeated Dry then Cure Lemonade and Cure Mint defeated Bitter, resulting to make Cure Dream to not quit and still fight Coco, then he got defeated also then Coco turned into his real form and thanked Cure Dream. Chocola then went to her mother to make her break free from Mushiban's control, after a while she got back. Cure Dream had a one-on-one battle with Mushiban, they fighted then Cure Dream got a greater power, Shining Dream, with that power she made Starlight Solution which defeated Mushiban and made everyone free and the kingdom got back as Dry and Bitter, Queen Dessert got back and everyone got happy.

Things made from sweets in this Kingdom:

  • River: Orange Juice
  • Tower: Cream
  • Bushes, flowers: Strawberries, chocolate, cream, fruits
  • Ice cream (but it is unknown that the ice creams we see in the film is for dessert kingdom or not )




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