デウスマスト Deusumasuto
(24) Desusmast saying Mother Rapapa's Seal is now broken
SeasonMahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorNone
Home PlaceNever Ending Chaos
First AppearanceMTPC27 (Mentioned)
MTPC43 (Flashback)
Theme ColorBlack
Japanese Voice ActorSugiyama Noriaki(Blue orb)
Hayami Sho(Green orb)
Tatsuta Naoki(Orange orb)
Inoue Kikuko(Pink orb)

Deusmast (デウスマスト Deusumasuto?) is the main antagonist of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!.

Deusmast is a god-like being whose intention is to unleash chaos upon the worlds.



Deusmast was sealed by Mother RaPaPa into the sun. In episode 47, the form of Deusmast emerges from the sun to reveal its true appearance.

It is revealed in episode 48 that Deusmast is actually a fusion of the members of Never Ending Chaos, who are the manifestations of its physical powers, the brawns and brain of Deusmast. Thus, Labut, Shakince, Orba and Benigyo are all Deusmast, and take on the form of large eyeball-like spheres, surrounding and controlling the more humanoid main "body".

They fused the No Magic World and Magic World together but the force of Mother Rapapa in form of the great tree is still preventing the eternal chaos they plan on unleashing on the worlds.

Deusmast is defeated in episode 49 by Extreme Rainbow.




  • Deusmast is the fifth villain who has a god-like appearance, preceded by Evil King, Akudaikan, Pierrot and Selfish King.
  • Though it's still unclear, the name seems to have come from "deus", Latin for "God" or "Celestial Being" and "mast" as in a tall construction or part of a sail, though likely "mast" came from the english word "Master".
  • Deusmast is the fifth villain to be revealed as the true main antagonist after Goyan, Dune, Noise, and Red.


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