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ディアブル Diaburu
Diabel Toei.jpg
Season KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode
Gender Male
Eye Color Yellow
First Appearance KKPCALM33
Japanese Voice Actor Takeuchi Ryouta

Diable (ディアブル?) is a villain from KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode. It is a demonic dog-like spirit who wants Kirakiraru to regain its true form. It was defeated by the Cures in episode 36 and then absorbed into Grave's car after retreating.


Diable is a dark blue wolf with pointy triangular ears, a jet black star with red borders on his forehead, a dark crimson orb adorned with demon wings around his neck and sharp claws.


Diable is a vicious and ferocious wolf.


Diable first appeared in episode 33 after following the Cures from the past. He tells the Cures to give him the kirakiraru, since he needs it to regain his normal form. The Cures refuse and the fight breaks out, with the Cures emerging victorious. After suffering defeat, he returns to Grave and Elisio's lair to rest.

He appears in episode 34 still resting, but this time he sends out 3 smaller fox like sprits to make fairies and animals hate each other.

In episode 35 he recovers from his previous defeat and now resembles a wolf like creature. Grave asks him if he would be his servant, but Diable refuses, saying he has no intention of working with a peasant like him. Diable attacks a sweets presentation, making attendees turn against Himari and Aoi, but he again ends up defeated later by the Cures, thus again returning to the lair to rest.

In episode 36 he finally regains his humanoid form after recovering and leaves to exact revenge on the Cures, but this time Grave takes major interest in him. Diable attacks the Cures and manages to stain them in darkness to immobilize them, but Cure Whip breaks out of it, followed by other Cures. Together they overpower him and he returns to the lair to rest again. This time however Grave, with the intent of using his power, arrives with his Gravemobile and runs him over.

In episode 37 Grave is seen upgrading his Gravemobile with Diable's powers and is eager to give it a "test ride".

In episode 40, he appears to have been absorbed into one of Elisio's cards along with Grave and his car after Grave is defeated by the Cures' hands.

In the finale, after being released from the cards of Elisio, he reincarnates into a puppy and is seen accompanied with a reincarnated Noir and Lumière a few years after the Cures’ final battle.


Diable possessed a power to change people's emotions by staining the kirakiraru in their hearts to dark. Diable also had the power to come back stronger than before after suffering defeat at the hands of Cures. In his humanoid form, he could use his darkness to immobilize the Cures.



  • Elisio remarked that looking at Diable was almost like staring into Noir's heart.


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