DDPC34 Diamond touches her lips

Diamond Swirkle (ダイヤモンドスワークル?) is Cure Diamond's third attack, and was first used in episode 34. She needs the Magical Lovely Pad and a Cure Lovead to perform it.


Cure Diamond inserts the Cure Loveads onto the Magical Lovely Pad and a puddle of water appears under the enemy. Cure Diamond flips her hair and blows a kiss, the light from her fingers taking the form of a blue diamond. She then waves her hand over the Lovely Pad, and blue sparkles appear around the Lovely Pad. Cure Diamond then begins moving her hand over the Lovely Pad in a circular formation, causing the puddle of water to spin, subsequently forcing the enemy to spin rapidly. Cure Diamond continues to move her hand over the Lovely Pad, and a spiralling tornado of water surrounds the enemy. As seen in episode 48, the attack is capable of purifying multiple Jikochuu at a time.



Cure Diamond: マジカルラブリーパッド! ダイヤモンドスワークル!


Cure Diamond: Majikaru Raburī Paddo! Daiyamondo Suwākuru!


Cure Diamond: Magical Lovely Pad! Diamond Swirkle!


  • Similar to the first Doki Doki! Pretty Cure attacks, Diamond Swirkle does not use "Pretty Cure" in the incantation.  However, in episode 47, she does use "Pretty Cure" when she uses this attack.
  • A "Swirkle" is a type of coffee beverage.
  • This is the second attack in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure to be interrupted, followed by Sparkle Sword.
    • This is the first attack to be interrupted by a mascot, rather than a villain.


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