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Doki Doki! Pretty Cure (ドキドキ!プリキュア Dokidoki! Purikyua?) is the tenth anime series of the Pretty Cure franchise.

Directed by Koga Gou and produced by Toei Animation, the series premiered on TV Asahi on February 3rd, 2013, succeeding Smile Pretty Cure! in its timeslot. The Cures' signature motif is poker card suits, while the series' theme is emotions and selflessness.

This series has been dubbed into English by the company Saban as Glitter Force Doki Doki. The first 15 episodes were made available on Netflix on August 18th, 2017 in every region except Asia.[1] The other 15 episodes were made available on November 10th, 2017.


Doki Doki! Pretty Cure episodes
Doki Doki! Pretty Cure: Mana Kekkon!!? Mirai ni Tsunagu Kibō no Dress (Movie)
Doki Doki! Pretty Cure Manga (Kamikita Futago)

Confirmation and Development

English title from Toei Animation's US website

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure was first revealed on October 25, 2012, after Toei filed the trademark at the Japan Patent Office for a variety of goods on October 2.[2] and the official logo was revealed in the January issue of Kodansha's Nakayoshi magazine[3]. The series will commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Pretty Cure Series in 2013, replacing Smile Pretty Cure! on its initial timeslot.

The key visual first revealing the Cure's look was a poster officially released by Asahi TV on 8 Dec 2012. The poster officially confirmed the presence of 5 mascots, one of them named Sharuru (4 companions that can become mobile phone transformation devices, plus a baby mascot), the lead character's name as Aida Mana, the enemy's name Jikochuu, and a key location in the story Clover Tower.


From the Asahi TV poster:

Aida Mana is a girl who is always eager to do things for the sake of others.
One day, when she was visiting the Clover Tower during her school's orientation program, an enemy named Jikochuu appeared suddenly, and tried to manipulate her inner heart! To fight this enemy, she borrowed power from a fairy named Sharuru, and a magical device called the Lovely Commune to transform into Pretty Cure!
To protect the peace of the world, other legendary Pretty Cure soon joined her in battle! A mysterious baby also appears, making each day a "Heartthrob" experience! The 4 Cures, always holding "love" in their hearts, are battling for the world's fate!

From Toei Animation Website:

Just when Mana Aida, a second-year student at Oogai 1st Middle School, was about to reach the observatory at the top of the Clover Tower in her town, a monster appears. Mana, who jumps into action without thinking, is met by Sharuru, a fairy from the Trump Kingdom. With her help, she transforms into Cure Heart! Together with her childhood friends Rikka and Alice (along with the mysterious Cure Sword from the Trump Kingdom), Mana protects Earth from the invading Jikochuu monsters.


Pretty Cure

  • Aida Mana (相田 マナ Aida Mana?) / Cure Heart (キュアハート Kyua Hāto?) (known as Maya Aida in the English Dub) is the bright and energetic student council president of Oogai First Public Middle School in her second year. She's a person who believes actions speak louder than words, and will often jump in to help others without even thinking about it. Both elders and youngsters around her believe in her leadership capabilities. In Glitter Force Doki Doki, she is called Glitter Heart.
  • Hishikawa Rikka (菱川 六花 Hishikawa Rikka?) / Cure Diamond (キュアダイヤモンド Kyua Daiyamondo?) (known as Rachel in the English dub) is the student council secretary in Oogai First Public Middle School. She's Mana's childhood friend. She was always protected by her back then, which makes Rikka always believe in Mana, but Rikka always protected Mana when she was a troublemaker. She is also one of the ten best students in national mock exams. In Glitter Force Doki Doki, she is called Glitter Diamond.
  • Yotsuba Alice (四葉 ありす Yotsuba Arisu?) / Cure Rosetta (キュアロゼッタ Kyua Rozetta?) (known as Clara Yotsuba in the English Dub) is a student in Nanatsu Hashi Academy for girls, which only rich people can afford because she's the heir to the Yotsuba Zaibatsu. She's childhood friends with Mana and Rikka. She's a kind person, sweet, talented and gentle, but often flaunts wealth involuntarily. In Glitter Force Doki Doki, she is called Glitter Clover.
  • Kenzaki Makoto (剣崎 真琴 Kenzaki Makoto?) / Cure Sword (キュアソード Kyua Sōdo?) (known as Mackenzie Mack in the English Dub) is the royal guard of the Trump Kingdom in parallel worlds. She came to Japan to find the princess after her nation was invaded and became a super idol and extremely popular fashionista. Cool and always has a strong sense of responsibility, but harbored remorse for feeling that she didn't protect the princess, and doesn't get along well with her new allies. In Glitter Force Doki Doki, she is called Glitter Spade.
  • Madoka Aguri (円亜久里 Madoka Aguri?) / Cure Ace (キュアエース Kyua Ēsu?) (known as Natalie Miller in English Dub) is a mysterious, wise Pretty Cure who initially watched over the other four Pretty Cure to ensure they grow stronger. She reveals herself as Aguri in episode 23. She tried to seal away the Selfish King in the past but failed to do so, causing her mascot Ai to revert to an egg and rendering her powerless. After reuniting with Ai-chan, she is able to transform once again, but with a limit of five minutes. She is no longer bound by the time limit after having gained knowledge of her true identity, from the Eternal Golden Crown, as Marie Ange's light fragment. In Glitter Force Doki Doki, she is called Glitter Ace.
  • Cure Empress (キュアエンプレス Kyua Enpuresu?) is a legendary Pretty Cure which protected the world from evil. She is the original user of the Magical Lovely Pad and partner of Melan. In Glitter Force Doki Doki, she is called Glitter Empress.
  • Cure Magician (キュアマジシャン Kyua Majishan?) is a legendary Pretty Cure who was Cure Empress and Cure Priestess's partner. She is the original user of the Miracle Dragon Glaive and seemed to be the leader of the trio. In Glitter Force Doki Doki, she is called Glitter Magician.
  • Cure Priestess (キュアプリーステス Kyua Purīsutesu?) is a legendary Pretty Cure and the original user of the Eternal Golden Crown. She seemed to be the most intelligent of the team. In Glitter Force Doki Doki, she is called Glitter Priestess.


  • Sharuru (シャルル Sharuru?) (known as Kippie in the English dub) is Cure Heart's rabbit-like fairy partner. The most passionate of all the four mascots, she has a passionate heart and always works hard. Sharuru could also turn herself into a human, taking the form of a young middle school student. She ends her sentences with "~charl!".
  • Raquel (ラケル Rakeru?) (known as Rory in the English dub) is Cure Diamond's dog-like fairy partner. He is very reliable to the other fairies, much like his partner. Raquel could also turn himself into a human, taking the form of a young elementary school student. He ends his sentences with "~quel!".
  • Lance (ランス Ransu?) is Cure Rosetta's bear-like fairy partner. He is the youngest out of the four mascots and a little spoiled. Lance could also turn into a human taking the form of a young kindergarten student. He ends his sentences with "~lance!".
  • Dabyi (ダビィ Dabii?) (known as Davi in the English dub) is Cure Sword's cat-like fairy partner. She is very independent, but she often worries about her partner. She ends her sentences with "~dabyi!" Dabyi is able to transform into a human and acts as Makoto's manager under the name "DB".
  • Ai (アイちゃん Ai-chan?) (known as Dina in the English dub) is Cure Ace's baby-like fairy partner. She is also called Ai-chan by the girls of this season, she is a baby mascot who was reborn as an egg by King Selfish's powers, later being a baby. She made her first appearance in episode 8. She ends her sentences with "~kyupi". In the English dub, she uses "Dina" in her sentences.

Trump Kingdom

  • Princess Marie Ange (マリー・アンジュ王女 Marī Anju Ōjo?) (known as Princess Marie Angelica in the English Dub) is the princess of the Trump Kingdom, who's being protected by Cure Sword before the beginning of the story. She is transported to the Human World and has gone missing, much to Cure Sword's dismay.
  • Sir Jonathan Klondike (ジョナサン・クロンダイク Jonasan Kurondaiku?) (known as Johnny in the English Dub) is a knight from the Trump Kingdom, who disguised himself as Okada Joe, a shopkeeper who sells Loveads of any kind, he has hope on finding Princess Marie Ange, whom he is betrothed to, with the help of the Cures.
  • Trump King (キング トランプ Toranpu Kingu?) (known as The King of Splendorious in the English Dub) is the King of Trump Kingdom and the true identity of Selfish King. His story was revealed in episode 46 when Aguri used the Eternal Golden Crown to show the truth about Trump Kingdom's invasion.


  • Selfish Trio (ジコチュートリオ Jikochū Torio?) (known as Mercenare Trio in the English Dub) is a group consisting of three people, they appear early in the season. All the members of the trio have the power of making themselves into a Jikochuu, also called as Beast Mode (ビーストモード Bīsuto Mōdo?). The members are:
    • Ira (イーラ Īra?) is a young boy who has light blue hair and bat wings behind his ears.
    • Bel (ベール Bēru?) is a middle-aged man who wears sunglasses and bat wings behind his ears.
    • Marmo (マーモ Māmo?) is a model-like woman who wears a pink tube hat and bat wings behind her ears.
  • Regina (レジーナ Rejīna?) is the daughter of the Selfish King, she is a spoiled, selfish girl. Throughout the series, her feelings waver as she befriends the Cures. However, as her father finds out, he brainwashes her, making her become a bigger enemy to the Cures. She is later revealed, by Aguri herself, to be Marie Ange's shadow fragment.
  • Selfish Deputies (ジコチュー議員 Jikochū Gīn?) are two people who appear as a big hand to the Selfish King. They both appear later in the series, and both appear in the same episode. They are stronger than the trio and have the power to summon a Jikochuu together. Later in the series, they both die because of Bel's powers and later their souls are turned into rings called Blood Ring which are given to Marmo and Ira. The two deputies are:
  • Leva (リーヴァ Rīva?) is a man who looks like a clown, wears make-up and has a hat.
  • Gula (グーラ Gūra?) is a man who is taller than the other members, he has spiky hair and has sharp teeth. He likes to eat different things, not just food.
  • Jikochuu (ジコチュー Jikochū?) (known as Distains in the English dub) are the monsters summoned by the villains of the series to battle the Pretty Cure. Unlike some other monsters, they are not made of objects, however, have a related shape of selfish thought.
  • Selfish King (キングジコチュー Kingu Jikochū?) (known as King Mercenare in the English Dub) is the main antagonist of the series. He was the one who destroyed the Trump Kingdom. He is also the father of Regina.
  • Selfish Proto (プロトジコチュー Proto Jikochū?) is the true main antagonist of the series. He was the entity who was defeated by the Cures 100,000 years ago. After Selfish King was defeated, Bel ended up becoming his host. He was defeated by Cure Heart in her Parthenon Mode.


  • Sebastian (セバスチャン Sebasuchan?) is the butler of Alice; he discovers the Cures secret identity with Alice due to security footage of the first battle at Yotsuba Tower and becomes the butler and confidante of the team, assisting Cure Rosetta and all the girls as needed.


  • Cure Loveads (キュアラビーズ Kyua Rabīzu?) (Glitter Charms in English) - The transformation and attack item of the Pretty Cures.
  • Lovely Commune (ラブリーコミ­ューン Raburī Komyūn?) (Glitter Pad in English) - The transformation and attack device of Pretty Cures.
  • Love Heart Arrow (ラブハートアロー Rabu Hāto Arō?) (Glitter Heart Arrow in English) - The main weapon of the Pretty Cures.
  • Love Eyes Palette (ラブアイズパレット Rabu Aizu Paretto?) - The transformation device of Cure Ace.
  • Love Kiss Rouge (ラブキスルージュ Rabu Kisu Ruuju?) - (Glitter Sparkle Stick in English) The main weapon of Cure Ace.
  • Lovely Income (ラブリーインカム Raburī Inkamu?) - The earpiece used by Kenzaki Makoto.
  • Magical Lovely Pad (マジカルラブリーパッド Majikaru Raburī Paddo?) (Glitter Crystal Pad in English) - The Pretty Cure's secondary weapon.
  • Magical Lovely Harp (マジカルラブリーハープ Majikaru Raburī Hāpu?) - The Pretty Cure's secondary weapon.


  • Trump Kingdom (トランプ王国 Toranpu Ōkoku?) (Splendorious in English)- An alternate world ruled by Princess Marie Ange.
  • Oogai First Middle School (大貝第一中学 Ōgai Daiichi Chūgaku?) (Seashell bay Middle School in English) - Mana, Rikka and Makoto's school.
  • Nanatsubashi Academy (七ツ橋学園 Nanatsubashi Gakuen?) - Alice's school.
  • Clover Tower (クローバータワー Kurōbā Tawā?) - A major landmark within the town, owned by the Yotsuba Corporation controlled by Alice's family. Both Mana & Alice gained their Cure Loveads here and the fairies originally arrived at this point where the battle with the Selfishness began.
  • Pig Tail (ぶたのしっぽ Buta no Shippo?) (Pigtail Restaurant in English) - Mana's house and restaurant.
  • Oogai Town (大貝町 Ōgai Machi?) (Seashell bay in English) - The hometown of Aida Mana, Hishikawa Rikka, Yotsuba Alice, Kenzaki Makoto, and Madoka Aguri.
  • Solitaire (ソリティア Soriteia?) - A curio shop and home of Okada Joe in the human world.
  • Gogo! Jikochuu (GoGo!ジコチュー GoGo! Jikochū?) - The Selfish Trio's hideout and their base on Earth.

Differences Between Doki Doki and Glitter Force Doki Doki

  • Like in Glitter Force, some footage is darkened, likely to prevent seizures.
    • Also, like in Glitter Force, the dialogue is often added in scenes that have no dialogue in the original Japanese version.
  • The names of the Cures are Americanized. However, Maya and Clara retain their original surnames of Aida and Yotsuba respectively. The Selfish Trio's names are also unchanged for the most part.
  • Sharuru is renamed Kippie, Raquel is renamed Rory, Daybi is renamed Davi, and Ai is renamed, Dina.
  • When in Glitter Pad form, the mascot's voices become slightly distorted, as if they're coming from a speaker. This effect is not present in the original version.
  • The Trump Kingdom is renamed the kingdom of Splendorius.
  • The name of the Selfish King is changed to King Mercenare.
  • The name Jikochuu is changed to Distain.
  • Some dubbed episodes are combinations of two original episodes. For instance, episode one of Glitter Force Doki Doki is made up of the first two episodes of Doki Doki Pretty Cure.
  • The Lovely Commune is called the Glitter Pad and the Cure Loveads are called Glitter Charms.
  • Okada Joe is now known as Johnny and Princess Marie Ange is now known as Princess Marie Angelica.
  • Thirteen episodes are completely cut from the dub.
    • The combination of other episodes results in Glitter Force Doki Doki having a total of 19 fewer episodes than the original.

International Dubs and Broadcasts

Doki Doki had many dubs around the world, likely European ones. It was the second series of the franchise to get more than 20 dubs. However, 19 of 25 dubs produced were demanded by Netflix and Saban Brands.



Brazilian Portuguese

Castillian Spanish





An English dub was produced by Saban Brands for this season in August 18, 2017 for a release in North America on Netflix for the 1st season, while the 2nd one on November 10, 2017. This dub used the same opening as Glitter Force with a partial retransaltion and in term of scripts, this season was more faithful to its source than its redecessor. English subtitles have also been added alongside the dubbed episodes. Also, unlike Glitter Force, this season is separated as 2 and many episodes were cut. Episodes 12, 14, 19, 28, 29, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 40, 41, 42 and 44 have been cut from dubbing while episodes 1, 2 and 5, 6 were merged. As of June 14, 2018, the series has no longer an English copyright holder other than TOEI animation. The dubbing studio was Studiopolis.

European Portuguese









Latin Spanish





Taiwanese Mandarin


MCOT TV aired the dubbed version from July 27, 2020 to May 25, 2021. The dub has been made by the television channel. Like the dub of previous season they still retaining japanese honorifics.



  • Doki! Doki! Pretty Cure, Suite Pretty Cure♪ and Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure are all share the same character designer. A book about Takahashi Akira design work at Toei Animation was brought out under the name Takahashi Akira Toei Animation Precure Works. The book features artwork from both shows.
  • The villains are based on the Seven Deadly Sins: Ira (Wrath), Marmo (Greed), Bel (Sloth), Leva (Envy), Gula (Gluttony), Regina and Lust (Lust) and Selfish King and Goma (Pride).
  • Doki Doki! Pretty Cure and Fresh Pretty Cure! both feature a card suit motif. Peach, Passion, and Heart are symbolized by the heart symbol, Berry and Sword are symbolized by the spade symbol, Diamond and Pine are symbolized by the diamond symbol, and Rosetta and the entire Fresh group are symbolized by the clover symbol.
  • Doki Doki! Pretty Cure is the first season to have its official LINE account and stickers.
  • This is the first Pretty Cure season to have Hiroaki Shibata as a producer till the second half of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.
  • This is the first season where no dual transformations appear throughout the entire season. However, the movie, had a duo transformation of Cure Diamond and Cure Rosetta.
  • This is the last season to have two eyecatches.


Please refer to the main page Doki Doki! Pretty Cure Merchandise.

Alternative titles

The series is also known as 심쿵! 프리큐어 (Heartbeat! Precure)in South Korea, DokiDoki! 光之美少女 (Doki Doki! Precure) in Taiwan and 心跳!光之美少女 (Heartbeat! Precure) in Hong Kong, and มหัศจรรย์สาวน้อย พริตตี้เคียว ปี 10 (Miracle Girl Pretty Cure Season 10) In Thailand.



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