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This is a list of episodes in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Chikyū ga Dai Pinchi! Nokosare ta Saigo no Purikyua!!
"The Earth is in Big Trouble! The Last Remaining Pretty Cure!!"

After conquering Trump Kingdom, the Jikochuu have started invading Earth. Cure Sword, who lived in Trump Kingdom, wants to defeat them and continue her search for its princess. When Ira, a part of the Selfish Trio, turns a customer's selfish thoughts into a Jikochuu at Clover Tower, where energetic student council president Aida Mana is seen shopping, Sword fights and purifies it. However, she is caught off-guard by another one. Mana, who watches the battle, wants to protect her, so using her newly gained Cure Lovead and Lovely Commune courtesy of the fairy Sharuru, turns into Cure Heart.

02 Gān! Kyua Hāto no Shōtai ga Barechatta!!
"Yipes! Cure Heart's Secret Identity Has Been Blown!"

After a short battle as Cure Heart, Mana manages to save Cure Sword who refuses to acknowledge her. Afterwards Mana is let with the quandary of whether or not to tell her best friend Rikka about Pretty Cure, who refuses to believe her at first but comes around when Mana decides to transform in front of her.

03 Saikō no Aibō Tōjō! Kyua Daiyamondo!!
"The Greatest Partner Appears! Cure Diamond!!"
Ira 2013-02-17
With Raquel suggesting to Rikka that she should become a Pretty Cure, she feels she doesn't have the confidence to become one. She then writes a letter to her father, thanking him for some souvenirs she received. That letter becomes a target for a Letterbox Jikochuu who feasts on them. With Mana wanting to protect the letter and Rikka concentrating on her feelings of friendship, she gains the confidence to become Cure Diamond.
04 Okotowarishimasu wa! Datte Watashi, Purikyua ni Muitemasen wa!
"I Must refuse! I Cannot Become a Pretty Cure!""
Ira 2013-02-24
The Cures visit Alice, who tells them she found Lance, and found out about them being Pretty Cures thanks to her security cameras at Clover Tower. Then a Jikochuu appears at the train station, and the Cures rush there, with Alice coming along. Alice refuses to help them with defeating the Jikochuu, because of her past. But when a second Jikochuu appears in the evening, she transforms into Cure Rosetta and fights along aside Cure Heart and Cure Diamond.
05 Uso! Kyua Sōdo-tte Anoko nano??
"No Way! That Girl is Cure Sword??"
Marmo 2013-03-03
Suspecting that the idol "MakoPi" (Makoto) is Cure Sword the girls go to a TV station owned by Alice's father where they are filming several acts on TV in order to meet her. Mana runs off to ask her to join up but realizes she acted without considering Makoto's feelings and feels bad about it. Later when Makoto's singing act gets interrupted by Marmo, Mana, Alice and Rikka transform and try to help but can't. Cure Sword emerges from the smoke onstage where Makoto was and beats the Jikochuu. Now at Mana's house a letter mysteriously arrives from Makoto's manager with tickets to a fan meet and greet and once there Mana apologizes to Makoto for what happened earlier.
06 Bikkuri! Watashi no Oei ni Makopī ga kuru!?
"What a Shock! MakoPi is Coming to My House!?"
Makoto decides to take a job, which is doing a cooking special at a restaurant, but it just happens to belong to Mana's father. As it turns out Makoto doesn't know the first thing about cooking but Mana, Rikka and Alice step in and teach her how. The next day, the shoot is going just fine until Ira calls out a Jikochuu. Makoto transforms into Cure Sword and shows that DB is in fact is Davi and together all four girls defeat the monster. Afterwards Makoto is about to say that she just wanted to be their friend when Bel shows up and sucks them though a portal...
07 Girigiri no Tatakai! Saraba, Purikyua!!
"Close Battle! Farewell, Pretty Cure!!"
Bel 2013-03-17
The girls find themselves in the ruined Trump Kingdom, separated from their partners and beholding the fiercesome Selfish King looming in the distance. As Dabyi helps the other fairies search for the girls, both she and Makoto explain what happened to the Trump Kingdom. Makoto was once a warrior and songstress who served the Trump Kingdom's princess, Marie Ange. Then one day, the kingdom was attacked by the Selfish, who turned the hearts of its citizens into its large army. Marie Ange managed to seal Selfish King into a dormant state, but exhausted her energy in doing so. After sending the newly born Sharuru, Raquel and Lance to Earth, Makoto and Marie Ange escape through a portal but become separated when Marie Ange chooses to defend Makoto from Bel's attacks. Finding herself on Earth, Makoto became an idol in the hopes that her songs would one day reach Marie Ange. Makoto explains that Selfish King gains power from the 'janergy' created from Jikochuu, but requires Marie Ange in order to undo the seal placed upon him. The girls are soon chased after by a gang of Frog Jikochuu. Makoto tells the girls to leave her behind, but Mana and the others insist that they want to help restore the Trump Kingdom. The group start making their way to the castle, where the mirror that leads to Earth lies. Upon arriving however, they encounter Bel, who cracks the mirror, seemingly trapping them in the Trump Kingdom. Luckily, Mana deduces they can still use Bel's power to send them back, giving the others courage. Reuniting with their partners and transforming, the Cures combine their powers to beat back Bel before using one of the remaining fragments of the mirror to warp back to Earth. Arriving back safely, the girls make a promise to find Marie Ange and return the Trump Kingdom to its former glory.
08 Kyupirappa~! Fushigi Aka-chan Tanjō!!
"Kyupirappa~! A Mysterious Baby is Born!!"
Marmo 2013-03-24
The girls visit Joe Okada's Cure Lovead shop to see about Makoto's problem, but instead they see an egg and Mana starts to get curious and then touches the egg, but then the egg breaks and from it a cute baby fairy hatches. They try to do their best at taking care of her but then they get tips by Joe as then they try to take care of her by making sure she is alright.
09 Hachamecha! Ai-chan Gakkō ni Iku!!
"Nonsense! Ai-chan Goes to School!!"
Ira 2013-03-31
The girls have been entrusted with taking care of Ai-chan. However, the fairies take their place while they're at school but Ai gets away from them and starts causing all sorts of mischief. Mana and her friends look all over for the lost baby and try to fix the messes she caused.
10 Tenkōsei wa, Kokuminteki Sūpā Aidoru!!
"The Transfer Student is a National Super Idol!!"
Marmo 2013-04-07
Makoto transfers into Mana's class. Seeing the two of them get along so quickly, Rikka has some complicated feelings. The problems worsen until Rikka eventually gets mad at Mana and Makoto. But after being comforted by Alice, Rikka realizes she doesn't need to worry and feels better after helping them with a Jikochu attack.
11 Mezame yo! Purikyua no Aratanaru Chikara!
"Awaken! Pretty Cure's New Power!"
Bel 2013-04-14
Mana helps a softball team when Bel steals Ai-chan. Mana, worried over the events that took place follows after Bel to fight. Before Cure Heart can be defeated the others arrive and the four Cures fight the transformed Bel, who has changed himself into a Jikochu. In danger the Cures get saved by Ai-chan's shouting and receive a new weapon: the Love Heart Arrow. Using teamwork the Cures defeat Bel and save Ai-chan.
12 Mana no Ketsui! Atashi Deshi o Torimasu!
"Mana's Determination! I'll Take an Apprentice!"
Ira 2013-04-21
Jun, a new seventh grader begs Mana for help to become a great Student Council member. Mana agrees but Jun grows depressed after a while, belieivng his role isn't actually helping much. Mana attemps to encourage Jun but this fails to help. Ira, seeing a weakness in him appears and takes Jun's heart to make himself a Jikochuu. The girls fight and manage to attack the Jikochu, but when Ira reveals it came from Jun- Cure Heart is unable to focus on fighting any longer until her sorrow is replaced by anger. She uses Heart Shoot to defeat the Jikochu and everything returns to normal. Mana then informs Jun that if he keeps this up, he is on his way to becoming a Student Council Apprentice, which he accepts and thanks her by planting some flowers outside for her. From afar, a mysterious figure observes them and starts to laugh...
13 Tsui ni Hakken!? Ōjo-sama no Tegakari!
"Finally Found!? A Clue of the Princess!"
Marmo 2013-04-28
The girls were talking about the princess when Makoto believes she has a clue. It is the upcoming "Lady Rose" contest, with the prize being a golden rose. There, the girls meet Regina, who curiously shows interest in Ai before taking off, and Reina, a girl Alice knew since she was little. Reina is confident she will win the contest and soon the competition starts. The first game was to dance, however, Mana fell after her shoe broke. The second game involved drawing, but Reina cheats to win, and when Mana figures this out Alice gets angry. The third one was to play piano, with Alice winning. The last game and the hardest was badminton, with Alice playing against Reina. Both tried their best, and Alice wins. While accepting of the loss, Reina is angry and makes a wish that Alice's friends would disappear, howeer she stops and realizes she wished to have true friends like them- but the bitterness remains in her heart, allowing Marmo to take her heart and became a Jikochuu. Alice got angry and turned into a Cure, using Rosetta Reflection to free her friends. Together the girls defeat the Jikochuu. After the contest, Ai touched the Golden Rose, making a Golden gem-like object appear. Meanwhile in the other side, Regina arrived as she said she wanted to become with the Selfish Trio and also that she was Selfish King's daughter.
14 Yume ka Yakusoku ka! Rikka Ōi ni Nayamu!
"The Dream or the Promise! Rikka's Many Worries!"
Ira 2013-05-05
After getting a poor score Rikka grows angry and depressed, causing her friends to worry about her. They ask her mother for some help but don't get very far. Eventually they learn that Rikka decided to enter a Karuta competition in hopes of defeating "The Queen". When the competition arrives Rikka is shown playing very well, but the Queen is upset that she is unable to find her "King" to give her a challange. Ira arrives, seeing her selfish desire and summons a Jikochuu. Rikka, becoming more angry then turns into a Cure and defeats the Jikochuu with the help of Cure Heart. The competition resumes and the Queen gifts her with a pair of Karutas. After Ai touches the card set, they produce a blue crystal. Rikka then happily embraces her parents, who are relieved to know she is okay.
15 Dai Isogashi! Makoto no Aidoru na Hibi!
"Really Busy! Makoto's Idol Days!"
Regina 2013-05-12
Makoto gains the part of Snow White in an upcoming movie, but is unable to focus on her true goal, as she continues to search for Marie Ange. Seeing this, the girls offer to search for her so that she can focus in the mean time and she agrees. While Makoto wows the staff members, she is forced to deal with her rival, Ootori Tamaki, who wanted the part for herself. Meanwhile, Regina was making a plan to defeat the Cures. During the last shoot of the film, Regina appears and uses Tamaki's heart to summon a Jikochuu. Makoto and her friends transform and fight it, but it is too strong for them. Ai seeing the Cures being defeated summons new Loveads and the Cures perform Lovely Force Arrow to defeat the Jikochuu. Regina then introduced herself and left. Tamaki, realizing her behavior wasn't very professional and thanks Makoto, giving her a present. The Royal Crystal reacted to Tamaki's gift and a new Purple Crystal formed.
16 Rejīna Mō Atakku! Mana wa Atashi no mono!
"Regina's Fierce Attack! Mana is Mine!"
Regina 2013-05-19
Regina had an idea to get closer to Mana and get info on the crystals and also Pretty Cures. She then started to befriend Mana, but this upsets Makoto and she attempts to convince Mana not to waste her time. When Mana won't listen, Makoto angrily takes off, leaving Mana feeling upset. With that, Regina works on the other two until Mana is eventually separated from her friends. Later, Makoto decides to pay Mana a visit, feeling remorse over that morning, but before she can, Regina reveals her desire to rid of the others and summons a Jikochuu and started fighting the Cures. Mana seeing her friends down transformed into Cure Heart and together they use Lovely Force Arrow and everything got back to normal. Mana also became friends with Makoto again.
17 Shokku! Ubawareta Kurisutaru!
"Shock! The Stolen Crystal!"
Regina 2013-05-26
Mana was walking with her friends on a sculpture forest. Suddenly Regina appeared again, to say sorry to them. The girls see then a statues, and then Makoto sees a statue of Marie Ange and is concerned. Regina then sees Ai with Joe and meets him. Joe then goes away making Ai fall in Regina's hands. After the girls see other statues. Regina spots a red diamond on Marie Ange's statue. Regina with her power then destroys the statue and keeps the red diamond. The girls get help and try to restore the statue, while the girls do that Regina becomes sad, however the girls say, "this is what friends do" then suddenly a red light comes from Regina's hand producing the Red Crystal. Regina then gets more evil as her eyes get red, and attacks the girls, with a Jikochuu. The girls transform into Cures, and fight back. However the Jikochuu turned the Cures into stones, Cure Heart was left, as she was going to turn into stone. But then suddenly, a mysterious person appears as he protects Cure Heart, he tells her to heal her friends and fight back. Cure Heart healed her friends with Heart Shoot, they all regrouped and performed Lovely Force Arrow. After everything gets back to normal, the mysterious person reveals himself as "Sir Jonathan" (Joe Okada) who was from the Trump Kingdom, and was Marie Ange's fiancée.
18 Shutsugen! Saigo no Roiyaru Kurisutaru!
"Here It Is! The Last Royal Crystal!"
Regina 2013-06-02
Joe talks about himself, and also tells about the crystals, he then tells the girls to go with him on a search for a crystal. They stop at a field and Joe tells a story about Trump Kingdom. While they are talking about Regina appears and makes a Jikochuu. The girls transform into Cures, and with the help of Jonathan, they defeat the Jikochuu. On their way of going back, Ai touches the train, and because of it, another crystal appears, the pink one, as they have a collection of four.
19 Kurisutaru o Kakete! Jikochū no Geemu!
"Betting the Crystal! Selfish Game!"
Regina who wants the other crystals makes a game and best her crystal along with the Cures which bet their crystals. The Cures and the Selfish Trio play. In round one they had to do soccer however Regina won, as she cheated. The second round was bowling, however the Cures won with Cure Heart's help. The third round was dodge ball, the Cures managed to dodge and won it, however the Selfish Trio were fighting with themselves, because of hitting each other, the Cures said they won, and were taking the Crystals, but then Regina who was sad, broke her promise and summoned the Purse Jikochuu again to absorb the Crystals. The Cures get in the human world without their Crystals and worry about it, then Regina comes and shows them the Crystals, then suddenly the Crystals begin to shine and disappear onto the sky.
20 Kurisutaru no michibiki! Ōjo-sama no Moto e!
"The Guidance of the Crystals! To the Princess!"
With Sebastian's help, the girls, along with Joe, head towards some snowy mountains where the crystals were last spotted. Arriving at the top of the mountain, they encounter Regina and the Selfish Trio, who are also searching for the crystals. In the ensuing battle, both Mana and Regina end up falling through a crack in the mountain and wind up in an underground cave. There, the crystals appear and reveal the location of Marie Ange, who is trapped in ice, before losing their power, bringing Regina back to her senses. Although she curiously finds her own powers have stopped working, she manages to reaffirm her friendship with Mana. As the others arrive, the Selfish Trio send in a Snowman Jikochuu to get in their way. Although the Cures manage to defeat the Jikochuu, the Selfish Trio captures Marie Ange and Regina.
21 Toranpu Ōkoku e! Ōjo-sama o Sukue!
"To the Trump Kingdom! Save the Princess!"
Selfish King
The girls were trying to find a portal which let people go to Trump Kingdom, then suddenly the Royal Crystals, shined, and then they made a portal, and they entered. While the Selfish King, began hurting Regina. The Cures arrived and were fighting previous Jikochuus, Cure Heart then spotted Regina in a corner by herself, and came by to her, and suddenly Bel appeared, with a Jikochuu Spider which opened a hole, where Regina and Cure Heart fell. Cure Heart hanged on to a rope, and was holding Regina. Regina to save Cure Heart from falling, then fell by herself, but Cure Heart used her legs to save Regina. Regina powered up, and then started fighting as they were out of the hole. Jonathan got the frozen Marie Ange, and went away in the portal including, Regina and the Cures.
22 Pinchi ni Tōjō! Aratana Senshi Kyua Ēsu!
"Appearing in a Crisis! A New Warrior, Cure Ace!"
Since, Mana, and the others got back to Earth. Mana invited Regina to her house. There, Regina enjoyed eating with her family, but Regina still thought of her father. Then, Mana, and Regina slept together, and were getting ready to go to the beach. While going there, the Trio was looking for Regina, and the Cures. In beach, Regina was heaving fun, till then, the Trio showed up. The Trio started attacking the Cures, while Regina was taken by the Selfish King, they had a talk but Regina rejected the things he said. Seeing this, the Selfish King, turned Regina evil again, with his power. The Cures then saw Regina, who was acting as before. The Cures tried to perform, Lovely Force Arrow, but Cure Heart did not want to defeat Regina. Then Regina, as in return shot dark thunder at them. The Cures de-transformed, Regina then did her final shot, but suddenly it got broken by the power of a new Cure, who revealed herself as Cure Ace.
23 Ai wo Torimodose! Purikyua Itsutsu no Chikai!
"Regain Love! The Pretty Cure's Five Vows!"
Regina, who gets angry starts attacking Cure Ace, but Cure Ace kept dodging it. Cure Ace, with the final blow, performed, Ace Shot which purified Regina. Regina then was weak, and could not get up. Pell came and took her, Mana, who started crying came at her, but all of a sudden, Regina shouted at her, because of hurting her. Mana started crying more, and Cure Ace, seeing that, then took Mana's Lovead to transform. Cure Ace then left, saying that once she learned how to behave, she would return her Lovead. Mana got more disappointed at herself. Meanwhile, Selfish King was healing back Regina, and also was recruiting two people to defeat the Cures, then they revealed themselves, as Leva and Gula. While, Mana was alone in her room, and still thinking of Regina. Her mother suddenly came with Ai, in which she told to take care of her. Mana, then started to smile, and took her for a walk. While walking, Mana noticed Regina, and started chasing her. In the corner, Mana saw that nobody was there until, a mysterious person was behind her. Mana saw it, and saw that Ai was friendly to her. While, Leva and Gula had summoned two Jikochuus, which was defeating the Cures, the Cures were easily in bad condition without Cure Heart. Mana heard shouting, and then left, however, also the mysterious girl was following her. There Mana started to be brave, then the mysterious girl came at her and gave back her Lovead. Mana transformed, along with the mysterious girl, and started fighting. Then to purify the Jikochuus, Cure Ace performed, Ace Shot, while Cure Heart performed, Heart Shoot. In the end, Cure Ace left, as she told them that they have to be prepared for more of this.
24 Shougeki! Makopī Aidoru Intai Sengen!
"Shock! MakoP Declares Her Idol Retirement!"
Leva 2013-07-14
After finishing her concert, Makoto wonder if she could continue her idol career, because she already has found Marie Ange. The next day, Aguri talks to Makoto, about her singing, she tells her that she did not put her best, she claimed that it was not, that she was a Cure, not she had found Marie Ange. This, surprised Makoto, and then decided to quit. Much to her friends' shock, they make plans to make her sing again, however their plans fail. One day, Mana, and Makoto talk about it, and Mana hears that Makoto was avoiding her concert, while talking more, both of them hear voices of people, coming from the concert, and rush to go there. While going, Ai give Makoto a Lovead which could produce a Communicating Mirror. Once, Makoto used it, she talked with Marie Ange, who told her that her singing made her better. Makoto then decided to continue her carrier, and then continued to go to the place with the Jikochuu. While going there, Makoto transformed, and paired up with Cure Ace, they both used their powers to purify the Jikochuu. After everything was normal, Makoto went to her concert, as she thanked everyone.
25 Kareina Henshin! Nyū Hiroin Tōjō?
"Brilliant Transformation! Appearance of A New Heroine?"
Sebastian, after hearing that Cure Rosetta was in a hard condition, then made a Artificial Commune, which could transform himself into a superhero, called "Cure Sebastian". He put the Commune in a luggage, and took it away with him. While Sebastian was training in the forest, Marmo happened to be there, as she fell down and mixed her luggage, with Sebastian's. While Sebastian left, Marmo opened her luggage, and noticed that there was a Commune. Marmo then used it, and suddenly transformed into a superhero, called "Cutie Madame". As, Sebastian noticed his Commune was missing, and saw that a new hero was on the loose, Sebastian started chasing Cutie Madame. However he failed, as Cutie Madame beat him. The girls then started chasing her too, as they knew it was Marmo. Once Alice found her, she transformed and did a one-on-one fight. As then, Cure Rosetta paired up with Cure Ace, they both purified her, and Marmo transformed in her true form, and left, as the Commune broke. Alice, and Sebastian smiled, as they saw Cutie Madame got defeated.
26 Honto no Kimochi wa? Rikka Matamata Nayamu!
"My True Feelings! Rikka Worries Once Again!"
One day, Rikka and Mana were talking about future jobs in their classroom, as everyone had the answer, Rikka was worrying again, as what should she be when she grows up. In the night, Ira was flying by himself because he got angry at Leva and Gula back at the Selfish Hideout. As he was flying, he got shocked by lightning, making him fall in the sea. The next morning, Rikka, and Raquel were at the beach, and then suddenly Rikka saw Ira, washed up on the shore, unconscious. Rikka then noticed that Ira had lost his memory, as she soon saw that Ira could not remember her or who he was. Rikka then took him in her home, and started taking care of him. Rikka then showed Ira to the girls, and told them the story. Suddenly, Aguri came and told Rikka that she was being naive for caring about an enemy. She suddenly transformed and prepared to attack Ira, however Rikka protected him. As soon as Gula came, Cure Ace left this to Rikka. During one of Gula's attacks, Ira bumped his head, causing him to remember what he had done before. Suddenly, Ira then turned into his true self, and suddenly was attacking the Cures, however his attacks were helping the Cures avoid Gula's attacks. Ira, then suddenly left. Cure Diamond became happy that Ira was cure from his amnesia, and then paired up Cure Ace. They tried to purify Gula, however he disappeared. As everything got back to normal, Rikka saw that her parents were home, and celebrated with them.
27 Barechatta!? Kyua Ēsu no Jakuten!
"Discovered?! Cure Ace's Weakness!"
While fighting a Jikochuu, the Cures struggle to purify it, they ask Cure Ace for help however, Ace tells them to do it by themselves, and then disappears, the Cures accept, and start fighting, and then they purify it with Lovely Force Arrow. After finishing it, the Cures wonder abut Ace. The next day, Mana, and the others deliver to a house, suddenly Aguri comes, and her grandmother. Aguri then joins the girls, and then wear kimonos, as they go to a tea ceremony. There the girls, ask Aguri questions for being Cure Ace, and Aguri tells them that she was a Cure long before them, and tried to fight Selfish King, however, she failed, and her partner, Ai, was turned an egg. After talking more, Leva and Gula targeted a boy, and summoned a Jikochuu from his Psyche. The girls then turned into Cures, and started fighting, however Cure Ace started worrying. Suddenly, Ace spotted Gula who was near her grandmother, and tried to attack him, however her brooch started shining, resulting her to de-transform. Aguri then fell in a bush, and tried to save her, suddenly, the Cures showed up, and finished the Jikochuu off and Gula and Leva went away. The girls then started again the tea ceremony.
28 Mune ga Dokidoki! Aguri no Natsuyasumi
"My Heart's Pounding! Aguri's Summer Vacation!"
While training, Aguri faints because of overworking, the girls meet up with Eru, Aguri's classmate, and tells Mana, and the others about Aguri, Eru tells them that she would like to be Aguri's friend. Mana, who thinks of getting Aguri, and Eru along, then invites Eru to a summer festival, and she also invites Aguri. There, the girls try to make Aguri get along with Eru, and want Aguri to believe in friendship more than Pretty Cure. While heaving to play games in the festival, Leva and Gula were searching for Cure Ace, as they wanted to capture her. Soon, they targeted a boy, who wished to see the fireworks alone, suddenly, after creating a Jikochuu, everyone panicked, as Aguri had to stay with Eru. The girls, then turned into Cures, and started fighting, while Leva and Gula were waiting for Ace. Suddenly, Cure Ace appeared as then Leva had planned to capture her, which worked, and also captured her friends. Seeing this, Ace got sad and then gained more power, as she had an red aura around her. Suddenly, Ace performed Ace Shot, which easily purified the Jikochuu. After everything got back to normal, Aguri went to Eru, and along with her friends enjoyed the fireworks.
29 Mana no Tame ni! Sharuru Dai Henshin!
"For Mana's Sake! Sharuru's Big Transformation!"
Sharuru, seeing Mana who worked a lot, then got sad, and started helping her, however as she saw that she had no strength, Sharuru became upset. The next day, Sharuru came at Dabyi, and asked her to turn her human, as of this, Lance, and Raquel joined. Dabyi then told them the steps to turn into human and afterwards, they became humans, much to Sharuru's happiness. All of them, told the news to the girls, and all were happy. In the night, Sharuru helped Mana with paper, while Raquel helped Rikka clean-up, and Lance sung lullabies to Alice. The next day, Sharuru got to be a member on Mana's school. Sharuru got a mission from students: to deliver a paper. Sharuru started delivering, and in the same time she helped people who had problems, suddenly, Sharuru got tired, while a Jikochuu was in the loose, and Mana was looking for Sharuru. The Cures had problems, and in the same time Ace's brooch started shining, as she had no more time. While, Mana found Sharuru, and then Mana transformed. Cure Heart arrived in time, and as she regrouped with them, the Cures performed Lovely Force Arrow, while Ace performed Ace Shot with these attacks, the Jikochuu got purified. In the end, Mana met the people who Sharuru had helped, and soon Aguri told all of them to get prepared for a test.
30 Saigo no Shiren! Densetsu no Purikyua!
"The Final Trial! The Legendary Pretty Cure!"
Melan 2013-09-01
The Cures fly to a remote island, where Aguri intends to have them acquire the Magical Lovely Pad, one of three mystical items, including Ange's Miracle Dragon Glaive, that were used by legendary Pretty Cures who saved the world from darkness 10,000 years ago. Arriving at the island, the girls meet the Lovely Pad's guardian, an elderly fairy named Melan, who tests the Cures by transforming into a powerful dragon. The Cures fight against it but are completely defeated. Aguri, downhearted by her loss, states that she became a Pretty Cure and sough the others help so she could have the strength to obtain the Lovely Pad. Not wanting to give up so easily, Mana makes curry for everyone, encouraging them to try again. Fighting again, the Cures manage to break through Melan's barrier by lending their power to Alice, though miss their chance to take advantage due to Aguri's time limit. However, Mana keeps on fighting til the very end, reminding Melan of the unrelenting spirit of her former partner, Cure Empress. Although the Cures don't manage to fully defeat Melan, she admires their strength and gives them the legendary mirror, the Lovely Pad.
31 Ōgai-chō dai pinchi! Tanjō! Raburī Paddo
"Oogai Town is in a Big Pinch! The Lovely Pad is Born!"
Whilst taking a break from figuring out how to utilize the Lovely Pad, the girls are shocked to find their families, along with everyone in Oogai Town, have fallen into sleeping comas. These are revealed to be the work of dark seeds spread by Leva and Gula, which will eventually darken their hearts and turn them into Jikochuu, providing enough energy to awaken Selfish King. The Cures confront Leva and Gula, who combine into a powerful form, overwhelming them and crushing the Lovely Pad into pieces. After letting out her frustrations, Mana regains her determination, encouraging the others to fight back. Their feelings transform the mirror's pieces into five new Lovely Pads, which allows the Cures to lend their power to Mana and perform the Lovely Straight Flush, defeating Leva and Gula and restoring everyone in town to normal. As the girls enjoy a meal with their families, Bel eliminates Leva and Gula by absorbing their energy.
32 Mana Taoreru! Arashi no Bunkamatsuri
"Mana collapses! A Stormy Cultural Festival"
Ira 2013-09-15
Whilst preparing for the school culture festival, Mana ends up catching a fever from being overworked and is ordered by Rikka to take the next day off. After hearing Rikka liken Mana to The Happy Prince, Aguri is shocked to learn the character doesn't have such a happy ending in his book, as he overspread his kindness until he was nothing but a heart of lead. Meanwhile, Bel gives Ira and Marmo new items called Blood Rings made from Leva and Gula's Janergy, putting them under his command. The next day, as Mana ignores doctor's orders and tries to help out, Aguri, worried that Mana will have the same fate the Happy Prince, forces her to rest and hazes the other students for relying on others too much. When the festival's campfire ends up falling apart after a student climbs on it, all of the students unit to put it back together, giving their thanks to Aguri for helping them sort out matters on their own. Just then, Ira targets a noisy customer, using the power of Blood Ring to create a stronger Coffee Cup Jikochuu, which makes the Cures dizzy. Coming to understanding that, unlike the Happy Prince, Mana has the full support of her fellow students, Aguri uses her Lovely Pad to buy enough time for everyone to recover and use the Lovely Straight Flush to defeat the Jikochuu. With the evening's campfire dance going as planned, Mana gives her thanks to Aguri for worrying about her.
33 Arisu Papa Tōjō! Yotsuba-ka Otomarikai!
"Alice's Father Appears! Sleepover at the Yotsuba House!"
Marmo 2013-09-22
As the girls have a sleepover at Alice's mansion, her father, who is often away on business, comes home. Alice tells the others of how she first came to meet Mana and Rikka when she was six. Having encountered her after stumbling into her garden, Mana and Rikka invited Alice, who had a frail body, out to play several times, making a promise to make a secret hideout. However, after Alice caught a fever, her father made plans to move her abroad to somewhere better for her health. Hearing Alice's wishes to stay with her friends, Mana and Rikka, with help from Sebastian, staged a rescue effort using the mansion's various traps and hidden passageways. Although they were eventually caught, Alice's father noted how much better her health had gotten since making friends with Mana and Rikka and decided to let her stay with them. Back in the present, Marmo targets a helicopter pilot to create a Helicopter Jikochuu. After saving her father, Alice, remembering the word's Mana gave her back then, single-handedly takes on the Jikochuu before defeating it with the others. Seeing off her father, Alice returns to telling the others her story.
34 Mama wa Taihen! Fukigen Ai-chan!
"Mama is in Danger! Ai's in a Bad Mood!"
During a battle against Ira and Marmo, Ai suddenly starts crying, which causes Ira and Marmo to feel a surge of energy. As the girls struggle to cheer Ai up, Mana and Rikka hear from their respective mother about how they were as babies. Having heard how much her mother appreciated having her, Rikka helps Mana look after a crying Ai during the night. The next day, as the girls take Ai to the park, Ira creates a Motorbike Jikochuu, which grows stronger with Ai's frightened cries. Coming to understand Ai's fear, Rikka manages to calm her down, weakening the Jikochuu and allowing the Cures to defeat it. As the girls wonder how Ai's cries resulted in the Jikochuu growing stronger, they are contacted by Marie Ange.
35 Iya Iya Ai-chan! Hamigaki Daisakusen!
"No, No, Ai-chan! The Big Teeth Brushing Plan!"
Marmo 2013-10-6
The episode begins with Makoto, and the others as they are looking at the Lovead Mirror, as they are talking to Marie Ange. As they were, Marie Ange mentioned how Ai could take off despair, and had the power of happiness. Marie Ange also mentioned how Ai's temper would change as the Cures got sad, or depressed. After their were finished, Rikka, saw Ai as she woke up, and also teeth had appeared in her mouth. The next day the girls were taking care of Ai's teeth, and yet the girls found out that Makoto had problems with her teeth. Later that day, Makoto made an appointment with a dentist, while she was with Mana, and the others. While her dentist was going to proceed by checking her teeth, Makoto suddenly got up, and left, this caused Mana to get shocked, and Ai to get sad. The girls later went in the park, and were discussing Makoto's fear towards dentists. As they did, Makoto then overcame it, and stood up, showing that she was going to do it. Meanwhile, Marmo targeted a dentist and later summoned a Jikochuu. As this happened, Sharuru later sensed that something was wrong and warned the girls. The girls later transformed as they saw the Jikochuu. The girls later paused, as soon as they saw Makoto did not transform, because of the toothache sensing it Ai began crying. The Cures later started to fight without Makoto, however later got electrocuted by Marmo, causing them not to move. Makoto seeing this and hearing Cure Ace's words then transformed and later fought. While fighting, Cure Sword then told Ai and the Jikochuu that should would not give up, and later gathered power, causing Cure Sword to perform Sword Hurricane, which let her friends free and wounded the Jikochuu. All gathered the Cures performed Lovely Straight Flush for the finale and later the Jikochuu got purified. In the end, the girls later found a new Cure Lovead to transform things into clothes.
36 Rakeru Harikiru! Hatsukoi Pawā Zenkai!
"Raquel's Enthusiasm! The Power of First Love at Full Throttle!"
Marmo 2013-10-13
Sharuru and Raquel help out in the class, a girls named Yashima looking for her rabbit named Ponpon and they agreed to search for him, Raquel found him and thanks Yashima. Suddenly, he develop a relationship with Yashima and ask her to spend time with Raquel. They agreed and the next day they hang out at the lake and feeling heart beat because of his crush on Yashima. Meanwhile, Marmo trigger the jealous girl and create a swan Jikochuu, when Raquel go with Rikka, he contact the other Cures and they arrived, as Diamond perform Diamond Swirkle, Raquel start to fight on his own for Yashima because he want to protect her and he fight the Jikochuu by himself, After defeated the Jikochuu, Raquel become disappointed that Yashima has a boyfriend named Haruda, and thank Raquel for take care of her and left.
37 Naose Suki Kirai! Ninjin tai Aguri!
"Fix this Pickiness! Carrots vs. Aguri!"
Ira 2013-10-20
The girls want Ai and Aguri to eat carrots. Aguri will find a way to overcome her dislike towards carrots but cannot. The girls bring her to Aki's farm to make her overcome her dislike. The girls make the field together but Aguri still doesn't like to eat carrots. Meanwhile, Ira extract Aki's psyche and creates a gingerbread house Jikochuu. However, Ace and Ai are trapped in the Jikochuu to create the carrot; this caused the Jikochuu powers to increase. Ace lets Ai eats the carrot to overcome her pickiness and escapes before defeating the Jikochuu. Aguri and Ai start and enjoy eat the carrot together. Meanwhile, in the Trump Kingdom. Regina has awoken from her sleep.
38 Bēru no Takurami! Ai-chan Jikochū ni Naru!?
"Bel's Scheme! Ai Becomes a Jikochuu!?"
At the park, The girls warn Ai not to do anything selfish. Meanwhile, Bel come up with a plan to make Ai throw her tantrum. The girls unable to treat Ai due to her throwing to the tantrum. However, Mana receive a letter from Bel that he demand a challenge, the Cures hurry to factory to save Ai but nothing come back to her sense duel to her selfishness. The Cures are overwhelming by the trio due to Ai mature. Heart rescue Ai and make those feeling reach her how they spend time, after those feeling reach her she was turn back to normal. Ira and Marmo power up the Blood Rings and defeat Ace but Ai gives her boost of power which allowed her to defeat Ira and Marmo, Bel took the ring and transform into super form but was defeated with Lovely Straight Flush, The trio had no choice but to retreat. As the girls prepare themself to face Selfish King, The trio are being tortured by Selfish King for their failure. Regina finally awaken and continued her role as a second in command of the trio.
39 Deai ni Kitayo! Rejīna Futatabi!
"I've Come to See You! Regina Returns!"
Regina decides to deal with the Cures and the trio tell her that the Cures become stronger and receives Magical Lovely Pad. Meanwhile, the Cures met Joe who tells them about the 3 Sacred Treasure called: Miracle Dragon Glaive. So they teleport to the ruins of Trump Kingdom to seek for the glaive. The mascots grow suspicious at him and the group use the Lovely Pad as a map to find the glaive. There, they find the glaive and discovers that Joe is actually Bel in disguise and thanks to him for leading them to the glaive. Becoming irritated, he summons an octopus Jikochuu to battle them. Ace holds the Jikochuu while Heart, Diamond, Rosetta and Sword take the glaive but cannot take. However, Regina appears and confronts the Cures, Heart feels happy that she's back but is angered to attack her. Just as Ace's about to finish the Jikochuu, Regina makes the Jikochuu power up and Heart uses Heart Dynamite to weaken it and allow them to purify it. Regina, becoming furious because she doesn't need friends and say that her father and her are important persons. Suddenly, she takes the Dragon Glaive to attack the Cures, Rosetta uses the Rosetta Reflection to block her attack but is saved by Lovely Pad and forced to sent back to their world.
40 Todoketai Omoi! Makopī Shinkyoku Happyō!
"Feelings I Want to Convey! MakoP's New Song Announced!"
As the Cures escapes to their world, Makoto decide that she will make a new song in order to make those feeling reach Regina. In Regina room, her father impressed that she took one of the three sacred treasure and ask Ira and Marmo to help out. The Cures help Makoto to produce new song and ask the CD producer to host a song. Just then, Regina appear and targets the producer to create a CD Jikochuu. Sword fight its until Regina tell her where is Mana. Both start fighting until Regina trap Sword before the other arrive but Regina ask Ira and Marmo to help her deal with the other Cures while she fight Heart. Makoto de-transform and start sing a new song until she reach Regina but she snap out of it before Sword reach her. Regina used the glaive to finish the Cures until a new lovead appear and create a new weapon:Magical Lovely Harp and perform Royale Lovely Straight Flush on Regina but she escapes and purified the Jikochuu. Makoto was unable to reach Regina but Aguri said this song has is not meaningless. The Cures sworn that their feeling will reach Regina.
41 Arisu no Yume! Hana ga Tsunaida Tomodachi
"Alice's Dream! Friends Linked to Flowers"
Regina 2013-11-24
The girls meet Reina again who continue their rivalry friendship by opening the flower shop to sell flowers. Meanwhile, Regina create a tree Jikochuu and cause the flowers to wilts which upsets them. They found out the flowers are wilts because it was a work of Regina and her Jikochuu. While fighting, Rosetta try and make Regina understand the beauty of flower which almost make her good until she turn back and attack Rosetta before Heart and the other arrived and defeat the Jikochuu before Regina left. After the battle, Alice and Reina apologize and sealed their friendship and exchanged their flowers like Alice promised.
42 Minna de Shukuō! Hajimete no Tanjōbi!
"Let's Celebrate! The First Birthday!"
Aguri is having dream of Marie Ange fighting Selfish King. However, the girls in the restaurant talk about their date of birth and their Zodiac. Aguri said that she don't know what is her birthday and Zodiac and Ayumi revealed to Mana that she was adopted by Mari as an adoptive child. The girls suggest that Aguri don't know when is her birthday so Mana suggest that they need to surprise her by holding a birthday party for her. Aguri later having the same dream and she was comforted by her grandmother and take her to Mana house for party. Later, Regina create an ant Jikochuu from the man's Psyche. She and Ira attack and turn Mana's family into a stone while Aguri escort her grandmother to safety. The Cures fight them until Ace arrive, after Heart understand Ace's feelings, they defeat the Jikochuu together and return to celebrates Aguri's birthday.
43 Taisetsu na Hito e! Aguri no Jugyō Sankan!
"To My Most Important Person! Aguri's Class Visit!"
During the battle against the Jikochuu, Aguri identities being discovered by Mari. She tells Aguri that she met her when the Jikochuu attack her. Aguri ran away and spotted by the Cures and take her to Mana's house. Aguri go to her school and draw the family who's important for them, suddenly, Regina create a eraser Jikochuu to erase everything. The Cures almost finish the Jikochuu, Regina want the Jikochuu to erase all the drawing but Ace avoid its attack and take all the drawing. But the Jikochuu erase her drawing making her sad, but Mari stood up for her and make their body glow and defeat the Jikochuu, Aguri feeling happy and they go back home.
44 Jikochū no Wana! Mana no Inai Kurisumasu
"Selfish's Trap! The Christmas without Mana"
Mana start to attend the Student Council Speech Contest by two students. The next day, Mana been busy doing those stuff and students welcomed her and this contest is a trap set by Regina who attempt to trap Mana so the other Cures will be overwhelm. Rikka started to get lonely that Mana is gone. Meanwhile, Regina and the Trio create a Christmas tree Jikochuu to fight them. Diamond fight Regina alone while the other fight the Jikochuu and the Trio. However, Mana was saved by Joe and transform. Diamond try to expressed her feelings to Regina heart but still resist and Heart arrived and expressed her feeling how they love each other before defeat the Jikochuu. When Regina eyes turn back, her father want her to come back so she leave.
45 Shukumei no Taiketsu! Ēsu VS Rejīna
"The Destined Showdown! Ace vs Regina"
Joe reveals he has found one of the three legendary treasures, the Eternal Golden Crown. When Aguri touches the crown, she is suddenly flooded with memories containing the truth of what happened in the Trump Kingdom. Aguri calls together Makoto and Joe in private, revealing that Ange was never trapped inside the crystal to begin with and telling them everything she learned. Believing she herself is fated to fight against Regina, Aguri takes Makoto and Joe to the Trump Kingdom and confronts Regina, wagering her Golden Crown against Regina's Dragon Glaive. As the two girls push each other to their very limits, with Makoto and Joe unable to do anything but spectate, Bel sends some Jikochuu to attack them in their weakened states, but Mana, Rikka and Alice, who had learned of Aguri's sudden disappearance from Eru, arrive to save Aguri and Regina. After the Jikochuu are defeated, Aguri states that it is her destiny to fight Regina, revealing to Mana and the others that she and Regina are the light and darkness of Marie Ange.
46 Ēsu to Rejīna! Tanjō no Shinjitsu!
"Ace and Regina! The Truth Behind Their Birth!"
Selfish King
Using the Golden Crown, Aguri shows Mana, Regina and the others the history of the Trump Kingdom. Ange, whose mother died shortly after her birth, was raised lovingly by her father, the King. One day, Ange was struck by a deadly illness caused by a blob of darkness. In order to save her life, the King broke free the Golden Crown, which was used by the legendary Pretty Cure to seal away a dark evil, in order to obtain the knowledge to cure her. Although Ange was able to be cured, the darkness escaped and enveloped the King, transforming him into Selfish King, forcing Ange to seal him using the Dragon Glaive. After helping Makoto to escape to the human world, Ange was cornered by Bel, who attempted to turn her into a Jikochuu. In order to prevent that, Ange split her psyche, separating her love for her kingdom and her love for her partner, which would become Regina and Aguri, whilst she herself reverted to an egg who would eventually become Ai. After everything has been revealed to them, Regina decides to side with her father, who is awakened from his slumber. With Selfish King and Regina arriving in the human world to try and destroy it, Mana and the others stand to defend it.
47 Kyua Hāto no Ketsui! Mamoritai Yakusoku!
"Cure Heart's Determination! A Promise I Want to Protect!"
Selfish King
Oogai watches on as the Cures fight against the Jikochuu. Rikka, Alice, and Makoto fight against the Selfish Trio whilst Mana goes with Aguri to try and talk to Selfish King. Although Bel tries to bring the others down by stating the selfishness in people's hearts will cause Oogai to end up just like the Trump Kingdom, the city's people instead show the strong power of their hearts as they help each other to evacuate. Regina soon fights against Mana, who stands firm in her love for her, reminding them they are always friends. When Selfish King attacks them, Regina protects Mana, unleashing the Dragon Glaive's true power and finally accepting her feelings of love for both Mana and her Father. With Aguri's help, the three of them begin the fight to restore the love in Selfish King's heart.
48 Dokidoki Zenkai! Purikyua VS Kingu Jikochū!
"Heart-Pounding Full Throttle! Pretty Cure vs Selfish King!"
Selfish King
Learning that the Trump Kingdom's King is trapped inside Selfish's heart, Mana decides they need to venture inside Selfish King to rescue him. In the process, she casually blurts out her identity to the public, who give their support to the Cures as they break through the Jikochuu's defenses and head inside Selfish King's body. As Alice, Rikka, and Makoto stay behind to fend off the Jikochuu, Mana, Aguri, Regina, and Ai arrive at the heart, where they are confronted by several Jikochuu Cyborgs. When they are suddenly put in a pinch, the King's love for his family emerges, giving Mana the power to vanquish the cyborgs, allowing Aguri and the others to rescue the King and destroy Selfish King. However, before the Cures can celebrate their victory, Bel swallows the remaining fragment of Selfish King to gain his power.
49 Anata ni Todoke! Mai Suīto Hāto
"Deliver It To You! My Sweet Heart"
Bel 2014-1-26
Bel swallows the fragment of Selfish King and he becomes the host for the Selfish Proto. The girls fight him but he is too powerful. The Selfish Proto restrains Heart and extracts her Psyche, turning it black and causing her to plummet to the ground. However, the Psyche resists and returns to Heart. The three treasures and the four Cures gives her the power transform her into her Pantheon Mode and she defeats the Selfish Proto with My Sweet Heart, turning the Earth and Trump Kingdom back to normal. Trump Kingdom is now a republic and Regina starts attending Oogai School and the six girls sworn that they will protect the world and face the future together.