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ドラムス Doramusu
Dramusu Toei Profile
SeasonStar☆Twinkle Pretty Cure
Eye ColorOrange
Hair ColorAmaranth
Home PlaceZeni (Starry Sky Galaxy)
First AppearanceSTPC15
Japanese Voice ActorKimura Subaru

Doramusu (ドラムス?) is a minor character in Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure. He's the wealthy son of the Dragon family and a celebrity in the Starry Sky Galaxy.


Doramusu is a green alien like dragon who wears a white long sleeved blouse with a red tie attached to a blue gem on his neck. He wears a black vest and a blue sash around his waist. His pants and shoes are both black as well. On his fingers he wears multiple rings.



Doramusu (ドラムス?) comes from the word dragon (ドラゴン?) and son (息子 musuko?) combined together.


He first appears in episode 15, to escort Mao to the auction hall. On his way there, he bumps into the Cures, who he is reluctant to let take part until Mao convinces him by acting cute. At the auction, he bids many times, winning all the items that were for sale. However, he loses out on winning the Princess Star Color Pen since he realised he couldn't beat Madoka.

In episode 17, he sets his house up with traps so Blue Cat and the Cures couldn't get to his pile of treasure. However this plan fails, so he ends up using a statue on his wall to destroy the treasure so Blue Cat can't take them. His plan is stopped again though when the Cures manage to overpower him, and when Kappard appears and uses his imagination to create a new weapon. When he awakes up, he lets the Cures take the Princess Star Color Pen he had as he doesn't want to be associated with people like Kappard again. He also doesn't want the Cures to leave as he wants to protect himself and the mansion from the bad guys.



  • He is the first commoner to know the identities of the Star Twinkle Cures.


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