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Dr. Maki (マキ先生?) is a minor character from HUGtto! Pretty Cure. She works at a local hospital as an obstetrician.


Dr. Maki has short olive green hair. She wears a white doctor's coat over light blue hospital wear.


Dr. Maki appears to be a kind and mature woman. Although she acknowledges the difficulties that come with her work, Dr. Maki has openly claimed that she loves her job.


Debuting in Episode 27, Dr. Maki served as the obstetrician who delivered Inoue Yuka and Uchifuji-sensei's baby son. When she sees Saaya crying over the birth of a new life, Dr. Maki resonates with Saaya's feelings and expresses the passion she has for her work.

Dr. Maki is seen again in Episode 35, when Saaya and her friends visit the hospital. She arranges for them to in volunteer in various branches across the hospital, with Saaya and Ruru taking part in the child care branch. While Saaya spent some time with a girl named Aya, Dr. Maki reassured Aya's mother about the safety the cross-section method of delivering. After Aya's mother successfully delivered a child, Dr. Maki commended Saaya for connecting with Aya.

In Episode 44, Dr. Maki appeared on a movie set to take care of Hugtan, who was taking part in a film with Saaya, and was also sucked into the virtual reality world created by Listol. Later, she told Saaya that the path to one's future is full of uncertainty and regrets, but the important thing is to always look forward.



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