Dress-Up Keys

Dress Up Keys

The Dress Up Keys (ドレスアップキー?) are collectable items in Go! Princess Pretty Cure. The Dress Up Keys come in the Cures respective theme colors and share a resemblance to their element and outfits. The Power of Dreams dwells within the keys.


The Dress Up Keys are mainly used to activate transformation into Pretty Cures when inserted into the Princess Perfume. To do that, they say "Pretty Cure, Princess Engage!"

They are also used by the Cures to change into Mode Elegant in order to perform finishers. Some attacks can only be performed with the Crystal Princess Rods, the Scarlet Violin or the Music Princess Palace.

Once all of the Dress Up Keys are collected, the Gate of Dreams will be opened, allowing Pretty Cure to protect the dreams of others.


Pretty Cure Dress Up Keys

The keys can unlock the Princess Perfume to enable transforming into Pretty Cure, as well as changing into Mode Elegant in order to purify the enemies. They are also able to free people whose dreams have been locked up by Dys Dark. The Elegant Rose Key, Ice Key and Luna Key are used with the Crystal Princess Rods to perform the attack Trinity Lumiere. The Miracle Lily Key, Bubble Key and Shooting Star Key are used to perform Trinity Explosion

Cure Flora uses her transformation key to perform Floral Tourbillon, her Crystal Princess Rod with the Rose Key to perform Rose Tourbillon, and the Lily Key to perform Lys Tourbillon.

Cure Mermaid uses her transformation key for the attack Mermaid Ripple, her Crystal Princess Rod with the Ice Key to perform Frozen Ripple, and the Bubble Key to perform Bubble Ripple.

Cure Twinkle uses her transformation key for the attack Twinkle Humming, her Crystal Princess Rod with the Luna Key to perform Full Moon Humming, and the Shooting Star Key to perform Meteor Humming.

Cure Scarlet uses her Scarlet Violin with the Phoenix Key to perform Phoenix Blaze, the Hanabi Key for Scarlet Illusion as well as Scarlet Spark, and her transformation key to perform Scarlet Flame.

In episode 28, after the battle with Lock's clones, Towa receives the Premium Sun Dress Up Key. But just as this happens, Haruka, Minami and Kirara's keys are stolen by Lock. In the episode that follows, the three girls receive their Premium Dress Up Keys from the previous Princess Pretty Cure, which are the Premium Sakura Key, the Premium Sango Key, and the Premium Ginga Key. In episode 30, Haruka, Minami and Kirara retrieve their stolen Keys and as they received the Music Princess Palace, the four Cures use their Premium Dress Up Keys to transform into their Premium Mode Elegant and perform the group attack Éclat Espoir.

With the Music Princess Palace and the Sakura Key, Cure Flora can create the attack Sakura Turbulence. Cure Mermaid uses her Sango Key for the attack Coral Maelstrom, Cure Twinkle uses her Ginga Key for Galaxy Chorus, and Cure Scarlet uses her Sun Key for Scarlet Prominence.

In episode 39, when Kanata regains his memories, the present Haruka bought for him turns into the new key, the Royal Key, which grants the Cures a new group attack called Grand Printemps. It also allows the Cures to go to Hope Kingdom. In order for that to happen, the key would have to react and one of the Cures has to say "Royal Majesty," then the key will insert itself into the Princess Perfume.

In episode 49, the hope and feelings everyone believing in the Cures creates a golden key, with which the Cures, now Grand Princesses, perform Grand Libération.

Black Dress Up Keys

Dyspear, the main villain, also created her sinister version of the keys, the Black Dress Up Keys, for Twilight. Her first one can power up the Three Musketeers to create more powerful Zetsuborgs.

The second one inserts inside her butterfly staff to trap victims inside a mirror-like frame from which she can draw out their despair. This key also has the ability to scatter cross or sword-like objects that burn anyone that it came in contact with.

The last key can be used to corrupt a Princess Perfume, and then allow Twilight to transform into the Black Princess, a powerful transformation that rivals the power of the Pretty Cures. With the three combined, Black Princess can enter Mode Elegant and fight on equal terms with Trinity Explosion. 


In the movie Pretty Cure All Stars: Haru no Carnival♪, there is also the All Stars Dress Up Key that activates the upgraded Mode Elegant Primavera (the Italian word for "spring") for the Princess Cures. They can use the finisher "Rainbow Tornado" in this form. 

In the second part of the movie, Go! Princess Pretty Cure: Go! Go!! Gouka Sanbon Date!!!, the Pumpkin Dress Up Key helps the Cures activate a new Mode Elegant mode and use the finisher Halloween Eclair.


Each key is colored to match its user: Pink for Flora, pale blue for Mermaid, dark yellow for Twinkle, and Maroon for Scarlet. Twilight's keys are grey. Most keys resemble a dress with a crown worn by its respective Cure, and when needed, a button can be pressed to pop the lower half of the key out. During transformation, a heart-shaped accessory hangs from a gold chain and holds the keys.

Cure Flora

Transformation: A pearl pink princess dress with the skirt in three sections. The main portion with a ruffled layer beneath it, and a ruffled cape-like peplum. At the middle is a hot pink ribbon with a gold gem in the center. On the chest is a bow with a light fuchsia and white flower hat has a dark pink gem in the middle.

Rose: A fuchsia dress with a layered, ruffled skirt decorated with three red roses, the middle of which is slightly bigger. A ribbon rests above this with a gold rose. On the chest is a large rose with a pink pearl on it. The sleeves are pale pink. 

Miracle Lily: A pastel pink dress with the skirt resembling a closed flower. White lines the peplum to accent the sleeves. On the skirt are three lilies, the middle is larger to match the one on the chest, which has a pink gem on it. Beneath this is a ribbon with a gold lily in the middle.

Premium Sakura: A glittering garnet dress with a diamond gradient near the bottom. The skirt is covered in ribbon, bows, and several flowers. On the chest is a flower with a gem. A gold stylized crown rests on top with a pink gem heart in the center. The base is white.

Cure Mermaid

Transformation: A pale blue dress with pearl accent and a navy skirt layer. Around the chest is white scalloping with a pale pink clam shell holding a hold. 

Ice: The dress appears to be made from light blue crystal with a pearl chain around the middle and a gold snowflake on the chest. A pearl adorns the middle.

Miracle Bubble: A blue dress with the top in two layers and the thinned skirt that has a ruffled bottom and waist. Pearls are detailed in various places, and around the skirt are two gold chains of beads. At the middle of the chest is a large white sphere with four smaller ones.

Premium Sango: A glittering sapphire gem key with a ribbon and a few bows on the skirt and light gradient effect so far down. Beneath the bows is a large shell with stars, bubbles, and various sea plants. An ornate ribbon and shell design is at the middle with a large white pearl. A gold crown is included with a sapphire heart gem on it.

Cure Twinkle

Transformation: A yellow dress with fluffy layered skirt and white pointed pieces of fabric hanging from an orange belt that has a tiny diamond in the middle. The white sleeves are pointed on the bottom, and at the middle of the chest is a purple bow with a star in the middle.

Lunar: A dark yellow dress with gold sleeves, crescent moon and star on the chest, and points on the waist of the skirt. The skirt is shaped to reveal a section of indigo where a crescent moon sits opposite of the one above it. Dark yellow stars and dots are randomly placed around it.

Miracle Shooting Star: An orange key with purple fabric on the skirt that has an orange shooting star design. A violet and gold shooting star is designed on the chest with a small gold gem star.

Premium Ginga: A sparkling topaz gem dress with light gradient so far down. A ribbon and bow design covers the top of the skirt, and beneath it is a gem-like star design surrounded by a loop that has smaller, different style stars surrounding it. On the chest is a start with a topaz gem star in the center. A gold crown is included with a topaz gem heart.

Cure Scarlet

Transformation: A folded white dress with a piece of red fabric lined in pink to match the feathery sleeves. At the middle of the chest is a pearl bow and a flame with a ruby gem in the middle.

Elegant Hanabi: A dress with the skirt portion orange and lined in red, revealing white beneath it to match the sleeves. The chest is yellow with a large, gold sun design on it. At the middle of the gowns waist is a maroon gem.

Miracle Phoenix: A maroon dress with pink lining on the skirt and gem-like detail. A yellow design is on the chest with a ruby gem in the center.

Premium Sun: A sparkling ruby gem gown that has a gradient so far down. The dress is covered in bows and ribbons, and various sun-like designs cover the skirt. A ruby pearl adorns the middle ribbon to accent the ornament at the middle of the chest. The included gold crown has a ruby heart on it.


Transformation: A black crown-shaped key with a winged heart on top and a pair of wings above the base, behind a gold butterfly with pink and green gems on it. Between the thin bars of the crown is crimson coloring.

Second: The red section is now purple with pink flower and dots designs. The winged heart is now a purple and black tiara.

Third: The red and purple prior designs are now covered by blue gem. A large heart and butterfly wing replaces the tiara from the second key. Above the butterfly is a dark blue gem.

Toy Version: A pure gold combination of the Transformation and Third key. It has the butterfly on the side, and a ruby droplet gem above the bottom butterfly.


Golden: A pure gold ball gown with a ruffled layered skirt and winged sleeves. The crown on top has a pink gem in the middle. The base is yellow.

All Stars: A pale pink dress with heart designs and frills. On the skirt are six gems coming in Lime, Pink, Cyan, Purple, Yellow, and Red. At the center of the chest is a gold gem heart.

Royal Key: A pearl pink gown covered in ruffles and frills. The base is made from diamond gem, and the key is purple. On the skirt are three bows coming in yellow, blue, and red, and a bigger, fuchsia ribbon adorns the chest with a large pearl heart. On top is a golden tiara, and on the back is a white ornate piece.

Pumpkin: A pumpkin-orange ballgown with pumpkin shaped sleeves. On the front is a cream heart and curled line design in the middle, accenting the cream colored crown on top and the bow on the waistband. On the chest is a pale orange jack-o-lantern. The key is pastel green.

Christmas: A red gown with the skirt in two layers, each lined in white to match the shawl around the top. The top skirt has a snowflake and dot design, along with two spherical dots on the chest and a brown and gold belt with heart design. At the center is a white area with a gold snowflake. The base and key is crystal-green, while a gold tiara rests on top.

Puff & Aroma Original Key Necklace: Merchandise Only. A white base with Puff and Aroma sitting on it. A purple string is attached to them with a white heart on the opposite end, depicting them in a picture. The key is crystal-pink.

Puff & Heart Key Necklace: Merchandise Only. A white base with several heart pink hearts. Puff sits on top of it. A pale pink string is connected to it. The key is crystal-pink.

Hope Kingdom Key: A white castle with blue, purple, and pink tops resting on a white background and base. Around the bottom is a ring of dark berry-coloring to match the crystal key. A gold emblem design is on the lower front, matching the string connected through it.

Special Dress Up Key: A pure gold dress with a single pink gem on the very top, in the middle of the crown. The base is light yellow, while the key is crystal-yellow.

Princess Perfume Original: Merchandise Only. A pale pink base with a crystal-pink key. The perfume is pale blue, as is the heart button on top. The gold section on top and pink spray area remain the same as the normal Perfume.

Cure Flora/Mermaid/Twinkle/Scarlet Key Necklace: Merchandise Only. Resembles normal Transformation keys but lacking some of the detail and the use of real gems. Comes with a pink, blue, yellow, or red string with the cures image depicted on a heart.

Elegant Rose/Ice/Luna/Hanabi Key Necklace: Same as above. Keeps the detail but lacks minor elements and jewels. Comes with a gold or white string.

Premium Sakura/Galaxy/Sun Key chain: Merchandise Only. Resembles normal Premium key, but with a key chain attached to it and lack of gem and gold detail.

Puff & Tea Cup Key: A fuchsia tea cup with a bow on the front attached to the emblem. The base is clear, while the key is very pale crystal-blue. Puff sticks out from the top with her ears tied up. She wears a white ribbon with a gold and pink tiara. Comes with a key chain.


Several keys were made to promote the series. They could be collected and would cause the Princess Perfume and Crystal Princess Rods to glow in a specific color.


Sakura (サクラ?) means "cherry blossom".
Sango (サンゴ?) means "coral".
Ginga (ギンガ?) means "galaxy".
Hanabi (ハナビ?) means "fireworks".


  • There are 12 Dress Up Keys, which was revealed by Prince Kanata.
    • However, with Cure Scarlet's Dress Up Keys, which awakened into true Pretty Cure Dress Up Keys from the previous Black Dress Up Keys, plus her Premium Sun Dress Up Key, there are a total of 16 keys.
    • At the beginning of the second opening, which appeared for the first time in episode 26, more than 16 lights appeared; hinting that more keys existed.
  • All of the Dress Up Keys (both Elegant and Premium) are in English, except for the Hanabi Key, the Sakura Key, the Sango Key, and the Ginga Key.
  • All of the Elegant Dress Up Keys have their names in English, except for the Hanabi Key.
  • All of the Premium Dress Up Keys start with the letter "S", except for the Ginga Key.
    • Additionally, all of them have their names in Japanese, except for the Sun Key.
  • It is revealed that if a Cure falls into despair, their Dress Up Key won't allow them to transform. This was shown with Haruka, after her dreams of becoming a Princess were shattered due to depression.


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