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Dry (乾燥 Kansō?) is a character in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!: Okashi no Kuni no Happy Birthday! and fights with Cure Aqua and Cure Rouge when he is on his evil form, but when Mushiban gets defeated, he gets back to normal.


Dry is a tall, young man with pale skin and short, mauve hair. His red eyes lie behind pink-tinted square glasses. He also wears a black uniform. The top splits between two colors: black on the left and purple with periwinkle stripes on the right. His top also sports white cuffs/gauntlets and a brooch with a green gem inside.


Before getting brainwashed

He was really nice and sweet, he served for the Queen, as a butler he obeyed the Queen and Bitter also.

After getting brainwashed

He was really mean to the Cures, and acted like good to make the girls fall in a trap. He had been fighting with Cure Aqua and Cure Rouge, than froze them into sweet, but than when Cure Dream asked her friends to fight with her, Cure Aqua and Cure Rouge, then got power and fought back Dry, and he got defeated.

Mushiban's death

When Cure Dream's attack defeated Mushiban, everyone went back to normal. Later it showed Dry happily serving with his friend.


Bitter - Another villain Mushiban controlled who works alongside Dry. He also is Dry's friend.

Mushiban - Mushiban brainwashed Dry and Bitter so they could kill the Cures.



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