Elda (エルダ?) is one of the Witch of Delays' servants and a villain from Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure.



Elda is a light pink humanoid with a shrimp tail and antennae. She has lime green hair tied into two bunches, orange streaks on the sides of her fringe, and green eyes with elongated pupils. She wears a black blouse with a pink collar and sleeves, and a white apron.


Elda is an immature child who dislikes fulfilling her responsibilities. She is also bratty and short-fused, as she tends to throw fits when things do not go her way.


  • Witch of Delays: She is one of her servants, and her role is being her maid.


In episode 6, she appears serving tea to Chongire and Numeri, with the latter commenting on how cute she is. She then sits in Numeri's lap when Butler enters asking whether they will gather more Motivation Power. Elda is annoyed about how adults have it tough and how the Pretty Cure were considered "legendary", but Numeri tells her not to worry.

In episode 7, Butler tells Elda to stop playing with her dolls and steal the package Kururun was sending, but Elda complains about being treated like an adult and having responsibilities. He promises to reward her, and she finally accepts. She then appears before Laura and Minori and tells them to hand the package over. After Laura refuses and tells her to leave, she angrily summons a Yaraneeda from a seashell. The Cures transform to fight it as she asks Laura for the package again. She again says no, and Elda then throws a tantrum. Laura opens the package, believing it to be a power-up item, but it turns out to be a giant shell full of sweets. Elda mocks her while the Cures tie up the Yaraneeda. Papaya explains the importance of the sweets and they shouldn't be taken. She then uses Panpaka Papaya Shot to purify the Yaraneeda, and Elda leaves in a huff.


  • Summoning the Yaraneedas
    • Like her comrades, Elda is able to summon Yaraneedas by throwing a ball of dark energy at objects to steal Motivation Power from humans.



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