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Emerald Reincarnation (エメラルド・リンカネーション Emerarudo・Rinkanēshon?) is the main attack that Cure Felice performs in Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! episode 22. The attack requires the Flower Echo Wand and the Linkle Stone Emerald.


The pink stylus from the Linkle Smartbook spins into Cure Felice's hands, in which she moves her finger across the stylus to the right. This makes green vines appears and wrap around it to turn it into the Flower Echo Wand. Felice grabs the wand and shouts out its name. The Linkle Stone Emerald shines on the Linkle Smartbook and transfers itself over to the Flower Echo Wand. Felice holds the wand to her chest and yells "Cure Up!". Her yell echos as she moves the wand above her head. Seedlings bloom into a field of colorful flowers which all shoot a beam of light into the sky, that rebounds into Felice's wand, making the pink flower petals open up. Felice draws the symbol for infinity which splits itself up in two green flower wreaths. A large beam of pink light bursts from the wand and shoots in between the two wreaths, which begin spinning towards the enemy. The pink beam of light hits the enemy first and the wreaths circle around the enemy, making a rose appears and swallow it up, allowing the yellow light inside to purify it.



Cure Felice: フラワーエコーワンド!
Cure Felice: エメラルド!
Cure Felice: キュアップ!
Cure Felice: プリキュア!エメラルドリンカネーション!


Cure Felice: Furawā Ekō Wando!
Cure Felice: Emerarudo!
Cure Felice: Kyuappu!
Cure Felice: Purikyua! Emerarudo Rinkanēshon!


Cure Felice: Flower Echo Wand!
Cure Felice: Emerald!
Cure Felice: Cure Up!
Cure Felice: Pretty Cure! Emerald Reincarnation!