Emerald Saucer (エメラルドソーサー Emerarudo Sōsā?) is Cure Mint's attack in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!. It is one of the few ways to purify the objects possessed by the Hoshina, so it can commonly be named a finisher. Like Cure Aqua's Sapphire Arrow, it is named after a mineral. Emerald Saucer is Cure Mint's only offensive single attack.


Cure Mint first makes fists with both hands and crosses them in front of her chest, causing the butterfly-shaped emblem to glow with her signature color. Green fragments of light gather around her before she raises her hand, collecting all the light above her palm, making the light shape itself like a sharp circle. When the circle hits, a green shield in the shape of a butterfly appears, purifying the Hoshiina.

Cure Mint does not always throw the circle after forming it, occasionally using it as a shield instead.



Cure Mint: プリキュアエメラルドソーサー!


Cure Mint: Purikyua Emerarudo Sōsā!

Literal Translation

Cure Mint: Pretty Cure Emerald Saucer!




Cure Mint Attack (Precure Emerald Saucer)

Cure Mint Attack (Precure Emerald Saucer)

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