Emily (エミリー Emirī?) is a minor character in Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! who is one of the students who attends the Magic School. She is very easily scared and is said by Kyoto that she has failed her broom flying test.



Emily is a young teenage girl with big orange eyes and long blonde hair entirely pulled back into a braided ponytail held by a sky blue sphere. On the top of her head is a small apricot bow, and she has a short tuft of bangs. Her forelocks are tightly curled. She wears brown rimmed glasses. She is usually seen wearing her school uniform with black tights and magenta mary janes. For the Grand Magic Festival, Emily wore a gold blouse with a white collar and off-white shawl held by a fuchsia ribbon that has a yellow gem in the center. Around the navel is a dark brown belt with a white buckle, and she has on a light blue skirt trim with ruffles, and red ballerina shoes with a slight heel. Her hat is orange with a pale beige flowered split on top.


An anxious and sometimes nervous type, Emily is easily startled and displays a meek personality. She is shy, but sweet and friendly, and she enjoys girlish activites with the others.


Emily is first seen being startled by Mirai when she walks into class during supplementary lessons. She then asks Riko why she needs to take them in the first place. She then finds out from Mirai that she is from the No Magic World which surprises her. She then gets scared of Mofurun after she introduces herself. After this, Isaac-sensei appears, startling Emily even more. He tells the girls that they have to pass some tests or repeat the year. He then turns a stamped paper into a butterfly and orders each of the girls to catch it as their first lesson.

After Mirai finds the butterflies, they fly away as Jun and Riko decide to catch them on their brooms. Emily however is too scared to fly as high as them. She decides to walk with the other girls while looking for the butterfly but gets scared of a spider. As she runs away, one of the butterflies land on her face.


"Emily" is an English name, and could mean "rival".


Emily's voice actress, Hashimoto Chinami, has participated in one image song for the character she voices. She sang it along with Kanada Aki and Yoshioka Maya, the voice actresses of Jun and Kei.



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