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Emily Smith is a minor character who appears in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. She makes her debut in episode 17.


Emily is a child with blue eyes and short blond hair that curls up at the end. She wears a red beret, an orange zip-up jumper over a white t-shirt, a blue skirt, pale black leggings, white socks, and brown sneakers.


Emily initially acts rather unfriendly, refusing to try out new things. However, it turns out that she is struggling to adapt to a new environment. Once she opens up, she is shown to be warm, playful, and friendly.


Emily accompanies her parents to stay at the Sawaizumi Inn. When Chiyu takes the Smith Family around Sukoyaka City for a tour, Emily enjoys it but refuses to admit this to Chiyu. Emily even rudely exclaims to her parents that she hates Sukoyaka City when they visit the lookout.

As Emily lets her feet soak in a hot spring, Chiyu joins her and starts a conversation to help her be more honest. Emily then reveals her parents are moving to Japan with her, despite her not feeling ready to leave her home country. Chiyu then invites Emily to play with her brother, her friends and herself.

When they play a game of Mr. Wolf, Emily finally opens up and befriends a girl when she joins in. She then says goodbye to Chiyu the next day when her family leaves the inn.




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