Eternal Golden Crown

Eternal Golden Crown (エターナルゴールデンクラウン Etānaru Gōruden Kuraun?) also known as Golden Crown (黄金の冠 Kogane no Kanmuri?) is the last and third Sacred Treasure, wielded by one of the three legendary Pretty Cure warriors, Cure Priestress, in the past. 


The Eternal Golden Crown was once kept in the Trump Kingdom as a lock to keep the Selfish sealed away, but the king removed it, breaking the seal and releasing the Selfish, which transformed the king. The crown was hidden away in a forest, until Princess Marie Ange guided Joe to its location and brought it back to the Pretty Cures. At first Mana tried to used it but it failed, then Aguri touched it, allowing her to see the visions and truth about her and Regina, resulting her to faint. She later takes it to Regina and bets it on a battle for the Miracle Dragon Glaive, and causes a fight between her and Regina. Though the fighting ends badly, as both girls are injured, Cure Ace then tries to destroy Regina, however Cure Heart protects her. DDPC45


If the crown is on Cure Ace's powers, Cure Ace breaks her 5-minute limit, and could have her powers back completely.



The Eternal Golden Crown could be only summoned, if the Eternal Golden Crown Lovead is inserted on any Lovely Commune, and with Ai's powers.


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