Freshly-Picked Fresh! Cure Peach is Born!! (もぎたてフレッシュ!キュアピーチ誕生 "Mogitate Furesshu! Kyua Pīchi Tanjō!!"?) is the 1st episode of the season Fresh Pretty Cure!, and also the 243rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The beginning of Momozono Love's adventure as she becomes Cure Peach to protect everyone from the dangerous Eas and the Nakewameke.



Chiffon and the Pickruns

The Elder of Sweets Kingdom, an old bird-like fairy called Tiramisu is holding Chiffon and comes to a shrine to summon four Pickruns to make the Pretty Cure legend come true and protect the world. The Pickruns appear, floating around Chiffon before flying away.

Meanwhile, in Clover TownLove is crying about something but her friends struggle to understand why. Miki guesses that she dropped her lunch box, but Love reveals the rejection "she" suffered by the hands of a senior. She explains that her friend Yumi was going to make a love confession but the senior rejected her. Miki and Inori manage to cheer her up, but to their surprise, she cheers up way too quickly at the thought of grabbing donuts from Kaoru's stand. To her disappointment though, Miki informs them of her plans with her "boyfriend", while Inori mentions having to go and lend her parents a hand. Both girls take off, leaving Love alone.

Still in the mood for donuts, Love decides to stop by the stand herself but gets lost. She happens to come across the Fortune Telling House and walks inside to ask for help when the fortune teller leads her into a room. She reveals to Love that she will find great happiness soon, making her very excited as she leaves. Without realizing it, she finds herself back at Clover Town Street.

Upon arriving home, her mother reveals a surprise for her: a ticket to see Trinity. As she goes on to take the

Love is back home

ticket, her mother pulls it away, causing her to collide into the wall. She sternly tells her to wash her hands first before dinner, then hands it over once Love finishes.

As the sun sets, Tarte, a ferret-like fairy, is carrying Chiffon while wondering why he had to search for Pretty Cure.

In her bedroom Love excitedly thinks about finally seeing Miyuki, the leader of Trinity. She believes this must be what the fortune teller was saying, and suddenly she gets a call from Miki. Miki feels remorse for ditching her earlier and offers to make it up to her; but Love is quick to gleefully inform her that she got tickets to see Trinity. Miki expresses shock, asking how this is possible and they quickly begin chatting about it. Unknown to them, Tarte and Chiffon sit on top of the Momozono roof.

The next day Love makes her way to the performance when she runs into Yumi again. Yumi is in a much better mood today, and brings up that the senior who turned her down actually had feelings for her as well; but he was too embarressed to say anything though. It also turns out that he isn't moving away like they thought, but he got a new house. She thanks Love for helping, then asks why she got so worked up for her sake, causing Love to explain that she wanted to see her friend smile. She waves the new couple off and continues on her way.

Meanwhile, Tarte has managed to find one of the Pickruns sleeping on a dogs nose.

At the concert, Miyuki dances to You make me happy! 

"Trinity" on stage

as the mysterious Fortune Teller watches behind the scene. She says to herself that all happiness should change to despair, and switches over to her true form as Eas, one of Moebius's evil servants. She summons a Nakewameke, a big monster that causes people to despair.

As everyone runs around in a panic, Love is just as frightened by this as everyone else. But after she sees Miyuki is in danger she quickly grabs a nearby microphone stand and hits the Nakewameke while Tarte comes in trying to catch the pink Pickrun.


"I am the Freshly-Picked Cure Peach!"

The girls run backstage to hide from the Nakewameke, but its violent trashing of the stage causes objects and parts of the wall to fall down. She attempts to keep Miyuki safe and the Pickrun locates her, morphing with her cellphone to change it into a Linkrun- protecting her from the Nakewameke. Tarte sees this and informs Chiffon that they have found the first Pretty Cure.

Love picks up her new Linkrun and is suddenly covered in vibrant light. She transforms into a Pretty Cure and says, "Freshly Picked Fresh, Cure Peach!".

Peach starts fighting the Nakewameke as if by instinct and shows that she is much faster than it. It's attacks fail to work on her and by using her finishing attack, Love Sunshine, she defeats the Nakewameke. An angry

Love discovers that she still has a Linkrun

Eas tells Peach her name before taking off.

Miyuki soon awakens to see Love nearby and she asks for her name. Love introduces herself and Miyuki asks her if she would be interested in taking dance lessons as thanks for helping her. Love is quick to accept and Miyuki takes off. Love then discovers that she still has her Linkrun, making her begin to wonder what possibly happened to her.

Major Events

  • Chiffon, a baby fairy from the Land of Sweets, releases the four Pickruns to create the Pretty Cure to save them from Labyrinth.
  • Momozono Love goes to a fortune house where the fortuneteller tells her she will have good things coming, but that secretly they will be enemies.
  • Love meets her idol, Chinen Miyuki of Trinity, who offers to give Love dance lessons.
  • Eas attacks the Cures for the first time.
  • Pirun enters into Love's cell phone, turning it into the pink Linkrun and allowing her to become Cure Peach for the first time.
  • Cure Peach uses Love Sunshine for the first time.





Secondary Characters


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