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Chiffon is Lost? The Whole Town's Already in a Big Riot! (みんなで変身!フサフサ大作戦!! "Shifon ga Maigo? Machijū Mō Ōsawagi!!"?) is the 4th episode of Fresh Pretty Cure!, and also the 246th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls lose their patience with Chiffon after being asked to babysit her- causing her to run off and cause chaos around town.



Tarte's face after eating Love's doughnut.

At home, Tarte is explaining to the girls what it means to be pretty cure. They seem to understand but soon get distracted by the fact he speaks using a Kansai dialect, which is uncommon there. He claims everyone uses it back at home though, but suddenly Chiffon uses magic to make things float around the room. They try to get Tarte to explain this to them but he proves to be useless as the objects are thrown around and they try to avoid being hit by them.

Eventually, after her magic accidentally knocks over the glass of juice sitting near the donuts, everything comes to an immediate halt. Love is very frustrated but when Tarte claims they are still edible she challenges him to eat one. He does it with ease, but finds the flavors so overwhelmingly good that he eats all of them. 

At first things seem to be fine but Chiffon acts up again and angers Miki after embarrassing her. She asks Tarte why he isn't doing his job- only to find that he has taken off and a note was left in his place. Unfortunately it's written in a language they can't understand. As the girls attempt to look around for him, a few erasers sneak into their clothing due to Chiffon's magic and tickles the girls until they are reduced to heaps on the floor in vain attempts to remove them. Love snaps at Chiffon and tells her to knock off her behavior, but this causes her to cry. Which worsens when they try to make funny expressions. Miki thinks she knows what to do and she puts a cute accessory on Chiffon's ear but when she doesn't want it, they try to baby her by seeing if she needs changed or fed.

Chiffon cries and cries, causing everything to begin floating around again. But then, she suddenly stops and vanishes, floating outside. The girls grow annoyed by Chiffon's behavior and she takes off, causing them ro run after her and into the city and try to calm her down before it worsens. Love manages to spot Chiffon as she makes objects float around- but when they try to catch her they end up bumping into each other and she takes off again.

Elsewhere is a clown putting on a street performance. Chiffon suddenly shows up and causes the show to go terribly, but she ends up laughing at the display.

Meanwhile, Eas was getting ready to attack but Westar takes it upon himself to do it since she's already tried three times now.

Changing into his human form, Westar watches as these strange events resume, but to his confusion he finds several people pleased by his look and personality, causing him to summon a Nakewameke. The girls are unhappy that they didn't find Chiffon but seeing a Nakewameke cause them further anger and they transform into Cure Peach, Berry, and Pine. They fought against the Nakewameke as Chiffon returns to help them by freeing them from their temporarily struggles, allowing Peach to perform Love Sunshine to defeat the Nakewameke and give them time to grab the naughty baby fairy.

As they arrive home the girls are confused when they find Chiffon no longer worked up and in a better mood. They learn it was because of the Cure Vitan she had, and in much better moods they take off for their dance class and show much more lively movements, causing Miyuki to express happiness as well. Tarte is also shown to be in high-spirits to find the girls were able to make Chiffon stop crying.

Major events

  • Chiffon drinks her Cure Vitan for the first time.
  • Westar attacks the Cures for the first time.





Secondary Characters


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