Shifon ga Maigo? Machijū Mō Ōsawagi!! is the 4th episode for the season Fresh Pretty Cure!, the sixth season in the Pretty Cure franchise, and also the 246th episode of the Pretty Cure all series.



Tarte's face after eating Love's doughnut.

The girls were at home being advised by Tarte for being a Cure, but they coudn't get the "being" a Cure. Then the girls see what Chiffon does making her dangerous of making things floating as then Love's loved donuts got orange on them because of Chiffon as a waste, Tarte felt bad and ate making him flattered by the taste. The girls said to Chiffon that some things could hit people but Chiffon coudn't hear, as they were anoyed by Chiffon, she began to cry but then Love came as she was playing tricks but she cried, as more the things went on a tissue came at Miki making her she had "paper" wiskers, but then the girl couldn't wait and told Chiffon to stop making things float.


Chiffon smiles.

While getting a while and the girls became annoyed by Chiffon, Chiffon decided to leave making the girls run into the city and fight Chiffon before she did trouble. Love saw Chiffon who was going alone but still making things float, ready to capture Chiffon, they bumped into each other, making Chiffon escape, then in another scene a clown was there performing a show but Chiffon showed up making the show horrible, but Chiffon laughed at them. Meanwhile, Eas was getting ready to attack but Westar said he was going to attack this time since Eas had already done many.

Westar turned into his human form seeing what was happening but then he was seeing that he was making people happy so then he summoned a Nakewameke. The girls weren't happy that they didn't find Chiffon but seeing a Nakewameke made the girls angry and they turned into Cures. They fighted but they got stuck because of the Nakewameke, Chiffon was there which he helped the Cures by unlocking them and they continued to fight, then Cure Peach performed Love Sunshine, who made the Nakewameke get defeated and also Chiffon got captured by the girls.

While they got home, making Chiffon not cry was a sucsess because of the Cure Vitan, and the girls also went dancing making them lively, who was making also their teacher happier, and Tarte got happy also by not Chiffon's cryness.





Secondary Characters


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