Chiffon in a Pinch! Peach's New Power!! (シフォン大ピンチ!ピーチの新しい力!! "Shifon Dai Pinchi! Peach no Atarashī Chikara!!"?) is the 8th episode of Fresh Pretty Cure!, and also the 250th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


After Love accidentally allows the Cure Vitan to run out she and the others are forced on a variety of difficult tasks to re-fill it.



Love feeding Chiffon.

It was night and everyone was sleeping, except for Love who is chatting away with Miyuki over her dance schedule. Miyuki tells her to come over around noon the next day and she agrees.

The next day, Love woke up to Chiffon crying and realizes how late it is. Tarte sees this occurring and comments that Chiffon may be hungry. Love opens her Linkrun to produce the Cure Vitan but the bottle appears to be empty. He panics, but quickly calms down and claims its okay since he has the paper needed for it. Just as he starts to search for it, he realizes its gone missing. Love recalls having seen a paper a while ago, but she tossed it, not understanding what it was.

Love's Cure Vitan as filled with cocoa.

Angrily, Tarte points out that without a full Vitan, they can't feed Chiffon. She attempts to subdue her with something else, such as an apple, milk, pancakes, and rice; but Chiffon rejects them all. Love refuses to give up though, and she makes the cocoa drink that her mother used to make for her whenever she was younger.

When Love attempts to give it to Chiffon, she rejects the drink, causing Love to get frustrated. Chiffon starts to cry again and with her power starts throwing things at her.

Love takes off for her dance practice but finds herself unable to concentrate knowing how sad and hungry Chiffon is. Miyuki seems to notice that something is off and tells her to go off and calm down for a little bit. Love agrees and runs right back home to see how Chiffon is doing. She is joined by Inori and Miki, who wish to help out as well.


Tarte explaining about Cure Vitan to Inori.

The girls listen to Tarte describe the needed ingredients to refill the Vitan. He believes it is possible to make more, but the items needed aren't exactly found in their world. The girls get angry with Tarte until he is quick to claim that if they use similar ingredients it may fill it. They start with the "Rainbow Egg", which

How the girls were forming the "Rainbow Egg".

Loves tries to get by coloring an egg. When this doesn't work, Miki tries by taking it outside and sprinkling water over it in a sunny spot, causing a rainbow to appear over the egg.

This works so they move onto the next ingredient; "a tear from the sky". Love tries to make herself eat spicy food to make herself cry while standing in a tall spot, which seems to do the job and they move onto the next item; "the tail of a unicorn". They make Miki wear a ponytail and move onto the next object, "an ingredient from a tornado", so the girls try spinning around until they can get to move onto the final item, "a ring from someone's happiness".

This final item manages to stump the girls, but they get help from Kaoru when he reveals the ring must be a donut.

As they try to get it, Westar attacks by summing a Nakewameke. When they see it they transform into Pretty Cure and a fight occurs. It threatens to step on Chiffon, but Peach quickly comes to her rescue and holds it back while talking about Chiffon and her responsibilities to take care of her. With help from Cure Berry and Pine the Nakewameke falls down and the girls attempt to fight it- only for their attacks to do poorly.


The connection between Cure Peach and Chiffon.

It produces dark energy and causes Peach to fall and her Linkrun to separate from her. The Nakewameke prepares to cause her harm and she apologizes to Chiffon for letting her down; resulting in a single tear to fall as Chiffon drinks their "remade Vitan drink" and smiles. Suddenly, her forehead begins to glow and releases a light, connecting to the light shining from Peach's brooch. Pirun appears and from it, the Peach Rod is formed, allowing her to use Love Sunshine Fresh to defeat the Nakewameke and send Westar on his way.

The girls finish the Cure Vitan.

Returning to normal the girls head back to Love's bedroom and are able to get a brand new, filled Cure Vitan. However, Chiffon isn't hungry anymore since she ate a burger with some help from Pirun. Tart explains that because of its new power, Chiffon has grown and can now eat more, causing everyone to express happiness as Love shares a smile with Pirun.

Major Events

  • Cure Vitan is first mentioned.
  • Cure Peach performs Love Sunshine Fresh for the first time.
  • Peach Rod appears for the first time.
  • Pirun appears for the first time.





Secondary Characters


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