Miyuki's Anger! She Won't Teach Dancing Anymore!? (ミユキの怒り!もうダンスは教えない!? "Miyuki no Ikari! Mou Dansu wa Oshienai!?"?) is the 11th episode of the season Fresh Pretty Cure!, and also the 253rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Miyuki starts to question the girls seriousness for dance when they keep showing up late and decides to stop teaching them.


Miyuki gets angry at Love

Miyuki becomes angry with Love.

The Cures fight a Nakewameke. After Peach defeats it with Love Sunshine, the attacked people thanked them and they quickly run away, changing to normal after Peach recalls their dance lesson they are running late for. 

They arrive just in time to find Miyuki fairly displeased with them. They apologize and offer to change, but she tells them that if they always show up late they have no need for dance lessons in the first place. Love tries to say that something came up but she claims its only an excuse and refuses to give them anymore dance lessons. She then takes off in a huff, causing the girls to become depressed.

Unknown to them, Setsuna is spying on them from behind a tree. Having witnessed everything, she decides to use this for her plan. As Love is heading home Setsuna is quick to join her, asking if something happened because she notices how sad she looks. Love explains what happened and Setsuna tries to cheer her up by giving her a fortune reading. She tells Love that with Miyuki she won't feel any happiness. This ends up making her feel worse, and the day after it grows further to the point of making her cry.

Love takes photos

Love takes a photo with her Linkrun

Fighting Nakewameke

The Cures fighting the Nakewameke

At Kaoru's Café, Love is still down, but she feels slightly better after eating a donut. When Daisuke questions their mood, they explain what happened to him. Love decides to try to call Miyuki so that she can apologize, but she doesn't answer, causing Inori to remind her that she's probably busy with work at the time. Love doesn't mind, deciding it would be more apropriate to apologize in person anyway. Daisuke hands her a schedule for Trinity, surprising her since she has no idea how he would have such item in the first place. She takes a photo of the book before returning it to him and thanks him for the help.

They get up and take off, deciding to pay a visit to the studio written on the schedule. They are incidentally discovered after a famous TV star happens to walk by at the same time, then they are pushed back by crazy fans during their second attempt. At the last stop they are successful, but Miyuki pays Love no attention whatsoever- still angered with her. As she takes off in her van Love chases after it but she continues paying her no mind until out of distance.

Love runs into Setsuna once again and she worries that the fortune may have been truthful after all. Just then, Miyuki appears on a large screen, where she chats about a young girl who reminds her of her past self and as such, she cares very deeply for her. Love realises Miyuki is refering to her, cheering her up considerably and apologizing to Setsuna before saying that she also loves Miyukia a lot. She then runs off to find her.

By the time she reaches the studio, Eas attacks with a Nakewameke. Love is shocked, but she quickly changes into Cure Peach and fights it, being joined by Cure Pine and Berry. She defeats it with Love Sunshine Fresh.

After the fight, apologies are exchanged between Love and Miyuki. They make up and she offers to resume the dance lessons; as long as they don't show up late again.





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