The End of Eas! Cure Passion is Born!! (イースの最期! キュアパッション誕生!! "Īsu no Saigo! Kyua Passhon Tanjō!!"?) is the 23rd episode of Fresh Pretty Cure! and also the 265th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


After learning Setsuna's true identity Love tries to deal with the betrayal. Meanwhile, Eas plans on making her final attack on Pretty Cure worthwhile, knowing that her life will be ending.




The episode begins with a flashback of Setsuna revealing to Love that she was actually Eas and claimed to only befriend her to steal her Linkrun.

In her bedroom, Love cries and Inori and Miki come to try to cheer her up. There, they meet Tarte and Chiffon outside of Love's room, who explain that they were kicked out because Love wanted to be left alone. Miki barges into her room and tries to explain that Setsuna was always an enemy, and not a real friend in hopes of getting Love to realize there's no sense in mourning a false friend, but Love claims this is untrue and runs from her home.

Love heads to Kaoru's Donut Cafe and talks with him, deciding to pay a visit to the Fortune Telling mansion where they originally met. She finds her in the forest and Setsuna demands they fight.

As they look for her, Miki, Inori, Chiffon, and Tarte end up meeting a Soba selling man. He directs them to their location and they reach the same forest, heading inside in hopes of finding their distressed friend.

When they reach the forest, Soular and Westar conceal the fortune telling mansion with trees. They find Peach and Eas and offer to help her- but Peach refuses to let this go on because it is their personal battle.


Peach's powers (Pink)

In their struggle, they continue to meet each other with the same moves at the same time, effectively canceling each other's attacks. During this battle Eas remembers a given message from Moebius conveyed through Klein to her, informing her that her lifespan has been shortened and she is due to die later that day. Peach and Eas deliver one final attack, in which they both give off a pink and red light before falling. Eas then says that after this harsh battle, she feels at ease, and Miki remarks that this is because she can finally understand Love's true feelings through it. To her surprise, Eas spots a four leaf clover and remembers the clover pendant Love gave to her, and Peach comments that only someone that truly wants happiness can spot them. She picks it up and offers it to Eas

Peach gives Passion a clover

as a sign of friendship- but before she can take it she falls into place and dies.

Suddenly, a red light started to glow from Chiffon's forehead. Akarun then appears, saving Setsuna as they are suddenly separated from the rest of the world and they speak to each other. Akarun explains how she is a fairy of Pretty Cure and knows that she is the one meant to become the Cure of Happiness, Cure Passion.

To everyone's surprise, they watch as Setsuna slowly awakens and changes into a Cure. But as she observes her change she quickly rejects Pretty Cure, saying she's caused too much pain to be redeemed- then she takes off.

Major Events

  • Cure Peach and Eas have their final showdown.
  • As warned due to partaking in the power of Nakisakebe, Eas finally dies having lost all her life force from the cards and the final battle with Cure Peach.
  • Pickrun Akarun revives Eas, permanently changing her into Setsuna and awakening her Cure powers turning her into Cure Passion for the first time.
  • Fresh Pretty Cure has found all four members. However, Passion refuses to join the rest of the Cures because she feels guilty.





Secondary Characters


  • In the manga counterpart of this episode, Eas was naked while looking at Akarun but in the anime version, Eas is given a glowing red body while talking to Akarun.


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