Setsuna and Love: Mom Is In Danger! (せつなとラブ お母さんが危ない! "Setsuna to Rabu: Okā-san ga Abunai!"?) is the 40th episode for the season Fresh Pretty Cure! and also the 282nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Setsuna grows concerned over Love's mother when they go out and notice something strange about her. When she finds out what happened she attempts to protect everyone and locate the real Ayumi.


Northa is growing another Sorewatase seed while she thinks of a new plan to get Infinity.

Meanwhile, at Love's house, Ayumi is making a pink bracelet for Love, and a red one for Setsuna. She asks how Setsuna is doing with school before commenting on how she is like her mother now. Setsuna hears this and expresses surprise.


Setsuna and Love afraid of their dinner

Later, they go shopping and Ayumi buys the items the girls dislike; carrots and bell pepper. On the way home they decide to stop at the Cafe and Ayumi shows the girls the new skirt she's wearing before she heads to the restroom to wash her hands. Nayuta walks into the room and changes into Northa before summoning a Sorewatase through the mirror.

"Ayumi" returns soon after and tells the girls they have to go. This confuses them since they haven't been there long, but she insists that they don't have time to waste. They can come again some other time. Love didn't suspect anything but for Setsuna it seemed suspicious.


Setsuna seem suspicious of "Love's mom"

Ayumi asks about Chiffon when they get home, and Setsuna is quick to explain that Chiffon is only a stuffed doll. Love is confused and asks her mother how she knows her name, but she claims to have been told it before. Setsuna grows further suspicious when Ayumi doesn't force them to eat the carrot and peppers like she normally would.

That evening, she spots Ayumi speaking to Northa through a plant. She spots Northa's marking on Ayumi, realizing that something is wrong. As Love's father arrives home she quickly takes off to avoid letting the fake Ayumi on.

As the girls sleep, Ayumi attempts to get Chiffon. She finds that she isn't in Love's bedroom and finds that in her place is a pillow. Setsuna turns on the light from behind her and reveals that she is well-aware this Sorewatase isn't Love's mother. The sorewatase Ayumi asks to be given Infinity but she refuses, so she attacks, waking up Love in the process. She comes into Setsuna's room where Setsuna pushes her away in time for Love to wake up and watch as her mother cries about how she was just trying to be like a real mom to Setsuna. After Setsuna cruelly says to her that she isn't her mom, Love angrily tells off Setsuna for not seeing how much "her mom" cares about her.


Setsuna searching for the real Ayumi with Miki and Inori

The next day, Setsuna reveals the truth to Inori and Miki and they agree to help try to find the real Ayumi. She recalls that while at the Mall she was fine, then she changed after they headed to the Cafe. So the girls go there to try to search for her. They search the bathroom but find nothing other than a red cloth from the mirror's reflection, coming from a cabinet, but not from their world. She identifies it as Ayumi's skirt and realizes she must be locked within this mirror. She is teleported inside and finds her.

Setsuna tells Miki and Inori to take care of Chiffon while she takes the real Ayumi home

Meanwhile "Love's mom" came to the living room where Love was worried about what she said towards Setsuna. Ayumi calls her by her full name, rather than Sets-chan like she always does, making Love suspicious. She also said she's worried about Setsuna because she's with Chiffon and asks Tarte where Chiffonf is.

Further suspicious Love decides to test "her mom" by putting on the red bracelet her mom made for Setsuna. She thanks her for it and Ayumi claims to know this color fits her best- when in reality Ayumi was making a

Setsuna shows up with the real Ayumi

pink bracelet. Love realized it's not her mom and Setsuna appeared with the real mom.

The fake mom changed to her Sorewatase form and they transform into Cure Peach and Cure Passion before teleporting to the roof.

Suddenly, Chiffon changes into Infinity while being watched by Miki and Inori. Sorewatase and the Cures hurried to Chiffon's place and the Sorewatase fused with two trees. It caught Peach but she escaped with the help of Passion's

Setsuna and Love wear their bracelets

Happiness Hurricane. Tarte took care of Chiffon while Miki and Inori transformed to Berry and Pine. They use Lucky Clover Grand Finale to finish the sorewatase.

At home Love's mom gives the girls bracelets she made, saying they both are her precious daughters. Setsuna calls Love's mom as her own mom in return.





Secondary Characters


  • Despite being with Ayumi for a much shorter time than Love, Setsuna seemed to know more about Ayumi than Love do.


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